Is Facebook censoring the New York Times?

I have friend who posted a link from the New York Times on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. The linked worked for her, but when other people tried it they reported that it did not work. One of the people who reported it did not work subscribes to the Times so the paywall should not be an issue. Here is a link:
Opinion | I Hacked an Election. So Can the Russians. - The New York Times (

My friend ended up emailing a YouTube link for the same video:
How I Hacked an Election | NYT - Opinion - YouTube

Interestingly I see none of the YouTube disclaimers about how claims about election fraud are disputed and/or rejected by experts. I guess so long as the video is about how Russian hackers could have easily rigged the 2016 election everything is cool.

Have other people had similar experiences with Facebook or the New York Times?

Was this just a random glitch?

Or is the broken link just another example of Facebook hiding information that does not fit with the official narrative?

Have you ever met this friend? This is what we’re down to, anecdotes from Internet rando’s?

Yes, I know the Facebook user very well. I have never used Facebook and don’t plan to start.

Does anyone else have similar problems if they post the New York Times link?

I suspect that the problem may could be self-censorship from the Times and might not be Facebook itself.

Is the internet new to you? You seem uncomfortable with interacting with people on the internets.

Besides… the real issue here is the substance of the NYT article. It was published on line. I never met the author. Should we consider all on-line sources to be “randos” if we have never met in person?

Is that really the issue?

It’s an article from two and a half years ago.

Exactly. It intended to support the claim that the 2016 election was hacked. Such claims now are called incitement to insurrection.

Hypocrisy from the left.

No it didn’t. Did you watch the video?

Of course it did. Stop your mother ■■■■■■■■

No, it didn’t. I know this, because I actually watched it.

But by all means, continue melting down.