Is An Independent Feasable This Year?

Given the polarity of Trump, the dislike of many in his own party and imo the weakness of the Democratic field (I dont think our country is ready for all of the new proposed social programs - if they just stick to single payer and stay focused that would be smarter)…is an independent feasable?

Ross Pero got quite a bit of votes and that was with a popular Bill Clinton.

Who could possibly run and who would suffer the most - trump or the dem? Or would an independent in this environment affect both?

John Kasich I think in theory could do well as an independent. Then there is Bloomberg. But Shaq and Kobe should form a ticket they would win.

Shaq and Kobe… yeah…

Just don’t let Kobe get his own hotel room. He needs a chaperone.

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Ross Perot (cross your T’s) was a fiscal conservative at a time when that defined being republican. (It wasn’t a requirement to act fiscally responsible - but talk fiscal). He took more votes from Bush (I believe) than Clinton.

At this point in time I think Independents decide the election between the two major parties. There are not enough like-minded independents at this point to make a solid third party run.

My two bits. (inflation, plus I don’t know where to get a cent symbol).

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Doesn’t his wife make him wear a body cam?

An Independent candidate is feasible. Who that might be is anybody’s guess.

A few points:

  1. Donald’s base is fanatical and won’t be persuaded to vote for anyone else
  2. Donald won’t pick up many voters who didn’t vote for him in 2016
  3. At this point in time no one in the Democratic field stands out

Given all that? An Independent candidate would serve to fracture the vote that will go against Donald. Advantage: Donald.

Unless Trump is primaried successfully, I may very well be voting independent. I said it in 2016 and it still holds true - there is no way in hell I will vote for Trump, anyone he endorses, or anyone who openly supports him. Anyone in that category is automatically eliminated even before I start making choices.

The primary goal for me when I step into the booth in November 2020 will be ensuring that Donald J Trump doesn’t see a 2nd term under any circumstances. Whatever it takes to accomplish that is what will define how I vote on the Presidential spot on my ballot.

And I know of several others who have the same position as me.


No, we have a first past the post system. A third party is not feasible.

No chance an independent can be President. There is a chance a conservative running as an independent could ensure DEMs win.

And visa-versa.

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Only quoted you to see if the cent symbol was possible for me.


I think he may. I voted third party (johnson) and with all the media bashing, I will probably vote for him this upcoming election. I actually like what Trump has done, but wish he would just shut up.

I could almost guaranty him a win if he would hire Dana Perino effective today. In my plan, she would be his “Chief of Tweets”. All of his tweets would have to be sent to her first and only. Her job would then be, after taking the stupidity, abrasiveness, and out right lies out of them, to forward them on to the masses for public consumption…

There is not a doubt in my mind his popularity rating would go up ten points within 30 days if he did this.

I used to know how to do some of that stuff before I got a new computer and was forced into a new OS. I can’t find anything and the computer keeps trying to help me but seldom does.

The only thing I like about this new forum is it remembers where I’m at in a thread. Otherwise, I can’t find things here either.

We find ourselves in this situation pretty much in each election. A lot of people desire a third party candidate but are always scared about losing votes to a third party. Ross Perot cost George Bush the election and it seems Ralph Nader cost Gore the election.

We’re still here though, I think it’s time for a third party if not a fourth party. Does anyone these days actually believe in everything their party says? I watched the town hall with Schultz and the guy came across as a pragmatic fiscal democrat which was refreshing to say the least.


Solid points. Unfortunately too many people (myself included) want a specific individual out of office in any given election and yes, splitting the opposition vote is practically foolish if ideologically inconsistent.

To whit: right now my primary concern regarding my vote is to give it to the candidate with the best chance to unseat Donald, and not necessarily the one whose policy positions I agree with the most. Had Clinton won in 2016, I know for certain there would have been conservatives voting in the same manner to get rid of her.

Yep this is the hamster wheel we find ourselves on, as people who want Donald out the call happened in 2012 to unseat Obama in the same fashion. What might seem odd I voted for Obama in 2008 but in 2012 I voted for Romney for pretty much the same reasons you mentioned. I must admit I liked Senator Obama and what he was campaigning on in 2008.