Is a vote for Biden really a vote for Antifa?

Tucker Carlson definitely got it right tonight about the Democratic Party and mainstream media tacit support for Antifa violence:

Tucker Carlson knows what it means to be targeted by violent protestors when they attacked his home:

Now protestors are going after the homes of government officials with zero protest from Democrats and the mainstream media.

Joe Biden has called Antifa “courageous Americans” and has never condemned them. CNN and others in the mainstream media continue to call them “peaceful protestors”.

Is a vote for Joe Biden a vote for Antifa?

Are Democrats supporting violent Antifa mobs to shut down their political opponents?

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It is.

Yes, the lies in the media have gotten totally absurd. Antifa terrorists attack police with bombs and other weapons injuring dozens of officers and the media say it fault of police.

I fear for the future of the country if Democrats win.

Did you watch Carlson’s video?

I hope so

Stay on topic and knock off the trolling please.

If a vote for Biden is ACTUALLY a vote for antifa, then I’m concerned what a vote for Trump ACTUALLY is for.


I’d say a vote for Biden is a vote for treating violent protestors like peaceful protestors and a vote for Trump is a vote for treating peaceful protestors like violent protestors.

I’m not a fan of either.

Biden on violent protestors back in May: “Protesting such brutality is right and necessary," the former vice president said. “It’s an utterly American response. But burning down communities and needless destruction is not. Violence that endangers lives is not. Violence that gust and shutters businesses that serve the community is not.”

Sounds like a firm stance against violence.


Recent history show that the term “protestor” is not valid for Antifa terrorists.

It is a bit like calling a KKK lynching a “mainly peaceful protest” since the vast majority of the “protestors” who attended were unhurt.

No he didnt.

Do tell.

I see antifa are this election bogeyman

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A vote for Binden and Antifa is a vote for rule by violent extremists. It is a vote for a media that blatantly lies to protect terrorists.

That is what is crystal clear if you look at what is happening in our cities.

Biden is supporting terrorism now?

Is this all based on a lie?

“Our ruling

A Facebook post claims that Biden said, “Antifa are courageous Americans.”

Biden didn’t say that. He spoke broadly about “courageous” people who stood up to white nationalists during the 2017 Charlottesville rallies, and didn’t specifically call out, mention or praise antifa.

We rate this False.“


Of course its false

In my opinion his refusal to condemn Antifa and his past statements of support amount to endorsing their behavior.

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He’s endorsed ANTIFA so yes.

Show me the quote.

Can a Facebook meme serve as a quote?