Is a counterrevolution underway?

American Commentator Tom Luongo has been pointing out an apparent conflict between the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Federal Reserve that is threatening the WEF/Davos agenda.

The conflict is coming in response to ECB plans to create a new currency system under the control of Europe in the name of Davos-supported goals related to climate change. Implementing such a system is likely to result in the destruction of the Wall Street banking system.

As Luongo points out, living in a pod and eating bugs is not appealing to Wall Street bankers. The Fed and its allies appear to be leading the charge to protect them; here are some recent examples:

The attacks on Davos via the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes, Elon Musk’s buying Twitter and the smart game Giorgia Meloni plays in Italy are having their effect . . .
To understand how fragile Davos really is I put it to you like this: For the price of a few hundred basis points, the Fed forced a coup in the UK, the ECB into a tightening cycle with more yield curve control, likely blew up FTX and its burgeoning offshore crypto-dollar Ponzi Scheme, and forced the Swiss National Bank to intervene against the bank run on Credit Suisse.
Has the Counter Revolution Arrived in the US? - Gold Goats 'n Guns

Luongo sees the reappearance of a three-year-old video as an indication that Italian PM Meloni has powerful friends who are supporting her. A recent disagreement between France and Italy over an immigrant boat from Africa escalated into a major rift when the explosive video appeared. The video explains how France continues to exploit its former colonies in Africa and drives immigration to Europe.

The conflict appears to be fracturing the political system in the US and EU into two factions. Apparent allies of the ECB include the EU leadership and the US State Department. Apparent allies of the Fed include elements in the Pentagon and some European leaders.

Luongo’s view is that a Fed-led counterrevolution is good news for average Americans. Continued domination by Wall Street bankers is preferable to a Davos-imposed Orwellian dystopia.

Is the Fed really leading a counterrevolution?

If so, is it good news for average Americans?

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Great post.

Yes, she also did a video a few years ago explaining that italy was going to a deal with Libya for cheaper oil and then France talked Obama into bombing thiem into chaos and poverty. Chaos and poverty seems to be the goal of the global elite.

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Fortunately the Fed seems to have the upper hand in this struggle. A likely outcome is the destruction of the ECB and the euro along with severe fractures in the European Union. Given the repressive policies coming out of Brussels, this is all good news in my opinion.

Understanding Western politics has become more like reading the internal struggles of the Soviet Politburo and Warsaw Pact than in reading election results and polling data. Voters are only of secondary importance.

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