Iran’s supreme leader reveals private letter Trump sent to Arab allies

not really.

That’s factually incorrect. Not that stops you.

anyone can go to that thread and see.

try this post for example

or try this one

you have been proven incorrect.

now there will be silence

or maybe this one

so … who is factually incorrect?

see the posts just above this.

That post of mine does not evidence my “allegiance” is with North Korea or with Kim.

Nor is my allegiance with Iran.

Why would you put forth such a lie about me?

You don’t know what ‘sides with’ means, do you?

These posts don’t show anyone aiding with Kim jung I know you don’t care, but hey simply don’t.

denial… in the face of incontrovertable evidence.

funny libs

The “Deep State” is not just “Lib’s”.

It is the entrenched bureaucracy that has it’s own agenda above and beyond partisan politics.

Trump even as a candidate made it clear he wanted to tear it out by the roots for the good of all, republicans and democrats alike which as we’ve seen motivated them to do whatever they could to prevent his election and then to remove him from power.

A democratic president sworn to do the same thing would be treated the same way.

Trump’s direct challenging of the republican establishment did as much to earn him enemies in his own party as anything he’s done has motivated others.

He came to town looking for a fight, it’s no surprise he found one.

You can’t actually believe that solved the problems in our intel community can you?

They are quite happy to align themselves with anyone or anything as long as it helps to denigrate the POTUS and weaken him both at home and abroad.

Look how quickly the majority of the so called “civil libertarians” who spent nearly two decades beating their chests about the indiginities and unconstitutionality of spying on Americans immediately flipped when our intel services and the FBI turned their guns on the Trump team throwing their so called principles out the window.

Take a look at the loudest proponents of the Hillary investigations and who have defended to their dying breaths the Clinton Foundation scandals while you’re at it.

Those incidents involved the actual deaths of real Americans, sold our national security to the highest bidder, and involved actual crimes they still deny to this day.

Put your feet up, have a long slow drink, and try not to let it get to you. One of he main goals of many of these people since first arriving is to get as many conservatives as possible to have a melt down and get booted from the site.

To them it’s a game, don’t give them the victory they seek.

What evidence do we have that such a letter was ever written?

If it was indeed written and sent to our allies in the region what evidence do we have that the Ayatollah is accurately describing the contents?

What exactly is it you find objectionable?

Trump ran on a platform of making our allies start paying their fair share for their own defense as I recall so what exactly would the problem be in his sending such a letter?

Are you pro Iran in general or is it just the fact Trump has been elected that drives you to align yourself with them now?

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Nope. I haven’t. Thanks.

“The Deep State” is just another test marketed slogan ala “Build the Wall” and “Drain the Swamp” that scored big with low information voters.

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That’s what The Deep State wants you to think.