Iran Deal and NK

If Trump pulls us out of the Iran nuke deal, does that weaken his hand in the NK summit? Why would anyone enter into a deal with us on nukes if Trump just pulls out later and starts regime change saber rattling? Kim Jung-un is looking for assurances he can stay in power and could see the US reneging on the Iran deal for no real, concrete reason as proof he can’t trust us to honor any deal Trump makes.


It will be interesting since both men are pathological liars.

That’s a pretty cogent point.

If Trump’s administration wants to pull out of the Iran deal AFTER they admitted it was effective, then other world leaders will pretty obviously be hesitant to form a deal with Trump at the head out of caution he’ll just try to Darth Vader the deal whenever he feels like.

I’m sure any peace deal with NK will require senate approval.

What? Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

HR 1191

The senate approved when they voted 98-1 to approve the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

When this administration announced that they were moving the US embassy to Jerusalem they were surprised when the Palestinians announced that they would no longer talk about a resolution to the conflict. It is clear that this president has little consideration for the long-term effects from what he does or says. I think Pompeo is smarter but he has previously said that he is opposed to the deal. It will be interesting to see if he flips now that he is SOS.

It’s going to be a tough one. But I also noticed the OP didn’t mention Libya.

If I was NK I wouldn’t trust DC either.

And that’s sad.

Why would OP have mentioned Libya in a thread about nuclear deals?

I agree with this and I have thought about it. If Trump breaks the deal with Iran without proof that Iran is not complying, combined with the known fact that he will about anything, anytime, anywhere why would anybody agree to a deal?

As an aside, I think Kim is trying to set up Trump (and, unfortunately, our country) for a humiliation as revenge for his public insults.

He has a point…Bolton is on record in saying they are looking at Iran with lybia in mind…regime change. If I was nk I’d be concerned as well

I am also reminded of that 2015 open letter that Tom Cotton and 46 GOP Senators addressed to Iran during the negotiations over the Iran deal.