Iran confirms it has detained US navy veteran Michael White

Damn. That’s horrible. Let’s all hope this ends soon now that it’s been (at least semi) confirmed.

Are we talking to Iran at the moment?

What was he doing over there in the first place? If you go to the State Department’s website it pretty much says “Don’t go to Iran. If you get in any trouble there ain’t ■■■■ we can do for you.”

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Just another idiot. Let them keep him. You’d think he’d have to have a visa to travel, so something smells fishy.

White’s mother, Joanne White, had told the Times that her 46-year-old son went to Iran to see his girlfriend and had booked a 27 July flight back home to San Diego via the United Arab Emirates.

I wouldn’t be surprised if trump pivots to this issue as a distraction from his other dumpster fires.

Great question. This places our whole country under pressure and for what?

Wonder if Iran thinks we are holding another 1.7 billion of their money they can trade for another American.

I wonder if Republicans still think Iran will have a nuclear weapon by 2012.

You think we’re so innocent?