Iran & China Want You to Vote Kamala Harris

They both want to go back to the policies of appeasement, billions given to them or stolen, & making them ever more powerful militarily.

I say Harris because Biden isn’t the end goal of the far, far, far left Marxists here. They know Biden is losing grip on his faculties & want Harris to push their Marxist insanity.

What makes China and Iran Marxist?

Nah. Everyone but Northern Europe wants Donny From Queens dragging the US right on past failed state into North American plague-ridden ■■■■ hole.

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The far left in the US want Harris

So this has transmutated Iran’s archly conservative theocracy into a Marxist state?

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Try to actually understand. The OP contains 2 different points. One for Iran & China, the other for The Far left in the US.

What? No, they don’t. They actually hate the Harris nomination. Do you even know anyone from the far left?

Yeah right. They know she will do their bidding.

I guess that’s part of their 97 dimension chess game they like to play…

She’s the VP. She can negotiate but it’s Biden who would sign anything.

I doubt China or Iran really care about her. They care more about Biden.

For the love of all that is holy and universal sanity can you please provide some proof of this wacky and wild accusation.

I can get behind each side throwing ■■■■ at each other but these sort of idiotic claims that we see every election become exhausting.

We were told Obama was controlled by marxists and those that want to usher in a global socialist state yet after two terms the constitution still existed, the 2A was intact and the US had not fractured into civil war.

Biden won’t be President for long

Obama was, is & will always be a far leftist Marxist.

Why not?
There isn’t some whacky conspiracy theory that Biden will step down like 6 months into his term or something like that?

He wasn’t remotely close to being a Marxist.

Plane loads of billions & the other billions to Iran, the INSANE agreement with Iran. China allowed to run over the US

You don’t really believe that do you?

The “plane loads of money” was theirs to begin with. The CEC has done a great job of creating some crazy narrative that sadly, some have bought into, instead of understanding what exactly transpired.

Its exactly what will happen, or he will become so senile & drooling he won’t be able to continue. You know that, the whole left knows that.

Russia wants Trump to win. Iran and China wants Biden. Too bad Trump was too weak and short sided to stand up to the world about interfering with our elections.