Ipads for Permits

I’m sorry @JayJay, I missed this. What state is this county in and what do you need to carry there?

Imagine that…


Nice to know it doesn’t really matter about the content of one’s character in California… just the contents of one’s trunk.

Well that certainly isn’t true. We only have a handful of states with constitutional carry.

So I’m confused because of Voter ID…

Is requiring a special ID that costs the citizen money still an infringement or not?



And no, I did not misread your question. :wink:

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Again … California.

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Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

-John Dalberg

There is your problem in a nutshell.

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It does seem rather silly.

That’s because it is. I am either armed or not. How I am armed is irrelevant. The number of bullets in my magazine is the least of your © worries if there is a problem.

And I have the right to be armed in this country.

Q.E.D. There is nothing more that needs to be said about that.


And if something bad does happen they’ll certainly hoping you have more bullets than the bad guy/guys.