Iowa Senator Ernst doesn’t know the price of soybeans and corn

“Greenfield was asked if she knew the price of corn. She not only answered correctly, but also worked in some observations about what those numbers mean to struggling farmers.

Yet when Ernst was asked the price of soybeans, she first ducked the question, speaking for more than a minute on trade issues. Then, when asked again about the price of soybeans, she fumbled and got it wrong.”

It’s why Greenfield will be the next senator from Iowa.

She doesn’t have to fake concern for the struggling farmers, she knows what the prices are and how it hurts the average farmer.

Elitist Ernst doesn’t have a clue.


Gotcha question.

‘Bout as important as the price of corn in iowa

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Ouch, what a great question to ask a Senator from Iowa. Greenfield got it though, which was good for her.

Another reason why she is losing. She doesn’t care about the farmers or people. She only cares about pushing Trump’s agenda.

How hilarious would it be if this is the nail in her campaigns coffin.


A real gotcha question. Asking a senator to name something commonly known in in their state.

Ernst deserves to go down in epic flames for that ■■■■ up.

It reminded me of 92. The first (I believe ever) town hall debate.
Bush was asked to name the price of a gallon of milk, a Dr visit, and a pair of jeans.
Bush gave a long winded answer about he understands people are suffering.
Bill Clinton named the prices


Now that is a question who’s answer could change some voter’s minds.

Her bonafides are that she grew up on a farm and knows the famers of Iowa like the back of her hand. This was a colossal screw-up on her part. And I love it because she is another complicit traitor that deserves to go down in flames.

It is one banana Michael. What could it cost, $10?

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She’ll be alright.

At least she didn’t sell her office to enrich her family.

And that of course is not the point.

Stay on topic.


Stay on topic. If you want to discuss Trump and his children and China trademarks create a differnt thread.



I appricate that it may be hard. She could have sucked “its been a long time and I should know it better” which would be bad, but not as bad as her answer

Mod “No -Soybeans”
her “I think corn is $5.”
Mod “I said Soybeans”
Her “My oponent didnt answer”
Mod “She was asked about corn and she got it right. Soybeans are $10”
her “I dont think Corn is $10”

Thats awesome.
(BTW - THe other canidate gave the accurate price for corn and Ernst, who was asked about Soybeans, tried to then answer Corn…and STILL got it wrong!)

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An absolute train-wreck. And seriously may be the reason she loses in 18 days.

Oh no!

It’s all over now.


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