Iowa Passes Make Sense Legislation

Puberty is a deadly medical issue?

He was not going to own up to it. He was a marxist. When whatever it takes, and the end justifies the means are your ideology’s foundation, honesty is not on the radar.

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That’s not how Marxism works. One can be a dishonest Marxist, but there’s nothing about Marxism that requires dishonesty. Not to mention the fact that coining/modifying terms related to gender and sex won’t lead to communism. To the best of my knowledge in all the countries that went Marxist none of them used queer liberation to trigger a proletarian uprising… in fact I believe several of them were actually pretty anti-queer.

Whatever divides and creates a conflict that is resolved into a new status quo can be used to advance the cause. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Economic class warfare didn’t work in the land of the free and the american dream. Other avenues to create conflict needed to be tried.

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What is FIRST needed is to have a genuine scientific definined criteria based in genetics and biology that can determine what is so-called “trans”?

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heres what happens when the transgender which hunt furor reaches its peak

from axios

“Utah state school board member Natalie Cline is under fire after posting photos of a high school basketball player, questioning her gender and prompting threats against the girl.”

lWhy it matters: Anti-transgender fervor is escalating in Utah, where lawmakers have passed laws restricting sports participation, health care and, most recently, bathroom access.”

hint shes a biological woman not a trans.


If your ilk had left things well enough alone it wouldn’t even be an issue just like the 3,000 years prior.

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