Internet, T.V. and Media

When you look at most of the media on the Internet, or the Television, Newspapers or media in general. Do you think that the majority leans more towards the Democrats or Republicans?

when it comes to TV it mostly left-centrist.
with the Internet it has zillion news sites for every personal ideology.

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these days everybody can pick and chose what they want to see/listen to.


Dilly Dilly!!! Here, here!

if it makes you feel better Cable will be dead in the next 50 years.

With all do respect, you still haven’t answered my question?

There is no ‘‘majority leans’’ when there’s plenty of what ever you want to consume. Dah.

I hate to keep repeating this, but you refuse to answer my questions? and I don’t know why?

Well, that’s one excuse to use when a poster gets you up against a wall. I accept your surrender.

It was answered.

Many times.

most major newspapers and tv are liberal Democrat. With the proliferation of first cable and then the internet it means less and less. I can remember the impact of the major magazines like Look and the Post, hitting people with pictures. Gone now.
Broadcast TV along with Newspapers used to have a monopoly on everything. Its really the internet that is the center now. People can choose to center on reflections of their own beliefs or they can see what the different viewpoints are.
There’s no going back to the old media monopolies.
When Fox was the first to break the liberal media monopoly I thought they would welcome having a proliferation of different ideas and viewpoints. After all they liked to talk about diversity. Boy, was I wrong.

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Diversity for diversity’s sake is mot a good thing.

Gox News would be welcome if they didn’t outright lie so goddam much.

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Fox News…

What the hell is cable?

Nonsense. They cover the news NYTs doesn’t want covered.

Oh, here’s some Fox News info on Fake News. Brian Ross is out at ABC. Remember when ABC tanked the market by falsely reporting that Trump had ordered Flynn to contact the Russians while Trump was still a candidate…except he didn’t?

Wait. The market has tanked on a single incorrect report? Should I buy gold? How many years before it recovers do you think?

Perhaps the propaganda machine was just being Trumpian in their absurd hyperbole?


You are seriously comparing hyperbole of the Fox report to the fake news of the
ABC report?

So the market did not actually tank? Would that not the very definition of fake news? Claiming something factually occurred that did not in fact, factually occur?

And no, I was not really comparing the two. The report by Ross was crap and stands alone all on its own as crap. I just found it amusing that you used a fake news report to call out a fake news report.