International wanted war criminal ousted from Power in Sudan

war criminal Omar al-Bashir who is wanted by the UN for war crimes have been removed by the military in a coup. I hope the military turn him over to the international community where he should stand trial for Genocide.

Following months of street protests, Sudan’s military has ousted President Omar al-Bashir, who ruled the North African nation with an iron fist for 30 years.

Few are expected to miss Bashir, who is wanted for genocide by the International Criminal Court related to crimes committed in Sudan’s Darfur region and presided over a government accused of corruption, violence and economic mismanagement.

Tens of thousands of protesters have been rallying across the country of 43 million for weeks calling for democracy, jobs and an end to corruption.

Thursday’s televised address from the defence minister announcing two years of military rule, ostensibly followed by free elections, is unlikely to satisfy their demands.

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