Interlocutory Opinion by the 5th Circuit restores the status quo and the legality of Mifepristone

The above link is the 42 page pdf Interlocutory Opinion of the 5th Circuit.

The 5th Circuit took the easy way on out the hardest question. They ruled that the 6 year statute of limitations foreclosed Plaintiff’s claims on the original 2000 approval of Mifepristone. On that basis, they vacated Judge Mathew Kacsmaryk’s injunction against Mifepristone.

However, they ruled that decisions on Mifepristone taken by the FDA in 2016 and 2021 can still be challenged.

The bottom line is Mifepristone will remain available on the market as it currently is until this case goes to a final judgement in the District Court, final judgement in the 5th Circuit and completes review in the Supreme Court.

As a note, the reduction from 10 to 7 weeks might stand in some states, as well as the Comstock bull ■■■■■

However, the other court ruling will likely serve to keep the limit at 10 weeks and dispense with Comstock in the States effected by that ruling.