Interesting turn, Jim Jordan Accuser recants


You need to take your own advice.

He’s taking ownership of his original statement and making it clear now that he doesn’t have any reason to believe Jordan knew about the abuse at the time.


Except he didn’t say that at all.

He did in fact say “He may have known about some locker room banter” on the subject, something Jordan himself now acknowledges

And that he didn’t know if anyone had gone to Jordan. Not that he had no reason to believe no-one had done so.

Read closer next time. The quotes, not the spin.


I read and recounted it accurately. You’re desperately trying to paint a different picture than he did.


I’m literally quoting him.

You’re trying to infer something that wasn’t said.


Now could this guy possibly make the statement above if he actually still believed that Jordan knew about the abuse and did nothing?


Good luck with the continued spin, the niece and nephew are about to arrive and cause chaos. Toodle pip.


He’s not recanting, he’s clarifying. Others are reporting he said Jordan knew, when he didn’t say that, he said it was hard for him to believe he didn’t know.


No, he clearly said other people are misinterpreting what he said. He didn’t say he knew for sure, but he finds it difficult to believe that. He did not say he knew Jordan knew about it. That is his clarification, it’s clear, and you know it.

Something tells me you have problems admitting you’re wrong.


His previous statements.

His previous statements

.“There’s no way unless he’s got dementia or something that he’s got no recollection of what was going on at Ohio State,” he said.

“I have nothing but respect for this man, I love this man, but he knew as far as I’m concerned.”

His most recent statements.

“At no time did I ever say or have any direct knowledge that Jim Jordan knew of Dr. Richard Strauss’s inappropriate behavior,” Mark Coleman, a former MMA fighter who wrestled at Ohio State when Jordan coached there, said in a statement.

“I have nothing but respect for Jim Jordan as I have known him for more than 30 years and know him to be of impeccable character.”

I have no problem understanding the point he’s trying to get across.


The only flailing I’m seeing is from you. @MoleUK is accurate. And you are trying to spin all of this like a top. Why?


Oho State is in big time CYA mode.

what else can they do? be honest?


He hasn’t been associated OHS for more than a decade.


here’s what i’m afraid is gonna happen to the other cheating schools (NC State, Kansas, etc).

this Ohio State thing is gonna so overshadow schools like NC State taking duffel bags filled with $30,000 and paying a basketball player that they’ll have to back off on the punishments that schools like NC State and Kansas get. if you don’t get MASSIVE penalties at Ohio State, how in the world would the the NCAA go to athletic departments like the cheating one at NC State and say “look, you get Lack of Institutional Control and severe penalties for paying $30 grand. yeah, we know that’s more than what Ohio State got but we can’t help it.”?


No…he’s making it clear that he has “no direct knowledge” that Gym Jordan knew.

Jordan was a mandatory reporter.




No, I’m not having any trouble understanding his point.

If he believed Jordan knew what was going on and didn’t report it he could not make this statement without lying.


Fun thread.


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Or something like that.


Go back to school and learn some critical thinking skills.


So this is no longer true?

Also Thursday, Mark Coleman, another former wrestler and a former UFC world champion, told The Wall Street Journal that Jordan was aware of the abuse and had not taken action. “There’s no way unless he’s got dementia or something that he’s got no recollection of what was going on at Ohio State,” said Coleman, who said he was Jordan’s roommate on several wrestling trips."

I guess the WSJ got it wrong too?