Interesting research group working on moderate temperature Fusion

I don’t know if these guys are a group of con men, but if what they say they can do is true, then fusion could have been invented and no one is noticing. Which would bring on a new era in energy, so let’s hope it’s true.

“Aureon Energy Ltd. has updated the SAFIRE video on the home page of the website ( with new footage to emphasize the commercial application of the SAFIRE PROJECT experiment as a nuclear plasma reactor.”

Didn’t a teenager do this in his garage a few years back?

And its these sort of crazy experiments that will rip a hole in thr space time continuum and allow zombies to flood through. All hail Ob.

fusion power will never be viable. temps needed are enormous.

It looks like he has a plasma cell, but I don’t think he’s getting more power out of it than he’s putting in. Or that he’s using it for his new nuclear power system that does not melt down . And gosh Obama seemed so proud of the kids new nuclear power system I wonder what happened to his technology.

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That already happened in 2010 at CERN, minus the zombies.

Very true, though perhaps CERN shifted us all into a different reality hence the existence of the Mandela effect?

That’s precisely what happened.

Remember those times in your life where you narrowly escaped an unexpected and tragic end? Well, you did, in fact, die. :wink:

The research sounds plausible. US nuclear physicists seem to have ignored evidence of nuclear reactions from electrical discharges through plasma, but Russian scientists have been reporting evidence neutron emissions from lightning for decades:

That’s the point of the people at the safire project. They say they found a way to have fusion at moderate temperatures by adding a “catalyst” that causes transmutation of metals. Transmutation is the fusion and it releases the extra energy.

Which by itself is amazing as you can make rare earth minerals instead of the massive strip mining we do for things like solar cells and cell phones. One of the reasons solar cells are in no way “green”

I hope it’s true. I have no ideas if it is…

There does seem to be a growing body of evidence that our physics is not quite right, but then that’s has always been the case in history.

A good scientist knows physics is a tool used to predict outcomes, but it is not perfect and will change as we learn more.

that is unlikely. and the metals would have to be lighter than iron for there to be a release of energy at fusion.

You should watch the video. Because I’m pretty sure they claim they are fusing lighter than iron… Let me know. I’m not a physicist. I just like to watch it on youtube.

i will later - in loud lab now…

i am curious what they are saying

The lab I’m in is quiet and air conditioned. But’s it’s not a physics lab. We are currently testing hemp varieties for CBD concentrations. It’s a big deal in Cal these days…

oh cool! i hope your efforts bring a lot of relief to those with afflictions

Science has become very political, especially in the US. Early work with cold fusion in the late 1980s caused a great amount of interest, but then there was a massive backlash when other labs were unable to reproduce the results.

Since that time, the peer review process means that any papers that document nuclear fusion and other reactions that do not fit into mainstream physics have been banned from most physics journals. In the meantime billions have gone into funding futile attempts to create workable nuclear fusion reactors at temperatures of many millions of degrees. Clearly nuclear physicists who control the peer review process have vested in protecting there funding sources and suppressing data that supports alternative theories.

It does seem that govt funding may be hindering real advancement as people chase money only available for govt approved orthodoxy.