Interesting news report from LA (Convenience store mass looted just because.)

At 28 seconds "deal with numerous street takeovers throughout the city.

I think we may have a serious national problem here.


That’s insane. They must be organizing on social media like flashmobs.


Like this?


This is the world libs have created.

Need to go after their phones.




■■■■■■■ disgusting.

A bunch of useless, lazy, wastes of oxygen.


Lets keep some perspective here, this s hardly happening in every city across the US.

Thats not to say this type of crime or criminal behavior should be tolerated.

Well it is happening less than 365 times a year, but it happens a lot.

I get these in my Twitterfeed about 3-4 times a month. Most of them have lots of profanity so I cannot link them here.

I’m actually tired of watching them but with twitter when you click on something once you keep getting similar stuff in your feed for months.

Look at all of those uncovered faces. That is brazen in a facial recognition world

When I lived in Oakland, this happened to the 7-11 around the corner evey 6 months or so. Kids from the high school down the road.

Yeah thats true about Twitter. My twitter feed is not really news or politics orientated as I don’t use Twitter for that.

Interesting to know these videos are posted more regularly than I realized.

Yes, “the problem” I have with twitter is that if you are momentarily distracted by something you keep getting that sort of stuff in your feed for a while

EG I use twitter primarily for econ and finance etc., but I got distracted for a few days and clicked on a few tweets from “Libs of Tik Tok,” “BLM” and “Drag Queen story hour” so . . . . based on my click-history, my twitter feed changed substantially for months. Now it is a little like weeding a garden.

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De-fund the police;
Re-imagine law enforcement;
Let criminals back out on the streets;
$950 or less is a misdemeanor;
Lack of support for the police officers which leads to low morale which leads to them going elsewhere;

You get what this video shows.

In other areas, where the opposite is true, you have those in law enforcement migrating to those areas. Those departments get to pick from the cream of the crop.

It is a self-perpetuating cycle which is fixable but it is going to have to take a complete turn around for the soft on crime local politicians to make things right in their communities again.

One shot fired at the outset of a flash mob would disperse the mob.

Of course, if one of them gets hit, the media would flood us with quotes from friends and family telling us what a good boy he was…

Marcuse's world

The Father of the New Left


This is just one of the liberal ripple effects, due to their fake “V” policies that so many dumb asses have bought into. Now that you’ve made your bed…if you now conclude it’s going the wrong direction, the true virtuous act would be to stay there and fix it? The fake V would be to run away to a place that doesn’t have these problems you helped create. The question I ask is, are you truly virtuous or just fake V?

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Ahh just a beautiful spring day

Nike has helped promote this behavior and now they’re reaping what they’ve sewn.


Libs running that state won’t do ■■■■■

This is why leftists need to be defeated.

I listened to an interview with DR Ben Carson over the weekend.

He talked about the root causes of American greatness. Hard work…honesty…faith…family…freedom…American sovereignty…self reliance…all those quaint old notions that have now been replaced with its legal to steal up to 950 dollars worth there are 57 genders, wide open borders, and it really doesn’t matter because the planets going to end in 5/8/10/12 years (insert The latest number) so have at it.

This is the America liberal left wingers have created.