Interesting - Congressional Gold Medal Awarded to WWII Unit

I am an essential worker and commuted to NYC during the height of the covid crisis (pre vax) to make sure the cell phones worked for people.

As I said everyone does their part.

Heroic or not.

I did get a token of my company’s gratitude.

A coin commemorating ATT front line workers.


My goodness, how did the nation survive 200 years without cell phones. I know people believe they can’t exist without their cell phone, but avoiding inconvenience isn’t essential.

It’s 2022. Not 1922. Get up to speed. Everyone has dumped landlines.

Working Cells are essential.


Oh my, the sun will not rise in the East again without all of our modern conveniences.

Oh it will rise okay but people on the east coast won’t be able to communicate the sighting rising sun to the west coast.

Communication is key to modern living.

Move forward.

Not backwards.


Libs think their freedom involves being able to walk downstairs to a vending machine. They obviously fancy themselves as something important. :wink:


Try living a month without a cell phone.


And internet access.


That’s the most pathetic challenge I’ve ever heard of. Try going without food for a month, or running water for a year. Actually, don’t. You’d probably die. :rofl:

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Really? Okay than do it. A month without a cell phone or internet access to see how you do without the essentials of modern life.

We will all miss you on hannity for a month. :grinning:


Thank you for reminding me that I haven’t charged my phone all week. It’s sitting dead on the desk.

That “challenge” is something billions of children do every day. The idea that you think it’s “hard” to go without one for a whole month is a revealing projection on your part. :rofl:

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Not in New York, a lot of kids have them, prolly not in podunk however where they are behind the times.

My condolences. Time to get into the 21st century.


I have more tech skills than you ever will, but your inability to survive non-dependently has already been established. No need to keep repeating how you can’t survive without Chinese slave labor there to comfort you. :wink:

It’s not a pissing contest. I know my lane and it’s an essential worker for my company.

Everyone has their own deal in life.

You can survive a month without a cell phone.

Millions of American can not, including first responders, police, fire etc.


Correct, it’s you trying to project your own inadequacies onto others - the idea that someone else can’t survive without slave-made electronic toys just because you think you can’t.

The only pissing contest happening here is your need to get the last word in on your self-validation. :wink:

You started it by saying that you know more about tech than I do.

I stated that I stay in my lane as an essential worker (which I am)

That’s a pissing contest.

People (besides yourself) need a way to communicate and I facilitate that need.

Nothing more or less.


Correction, you came butting in as usual right here with this delusion of being anything but replaceable:

And now you’re proving that you have to get the last word in after your little kiddie challenge fell through. You’ll keep doing this too where you repeat the same lame thought process over and over again until I allow you to have it.


I feel better just knowing you are there.

Just me … but my IQ would go up.

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