Interest Rates what to do

10 years at near zero interest and the minor bump up won’t save the economy from a future rescission. If they can’t normalize rates now when will they when the economy tanks? Too late then.

Bull run can’t last forever, we had a pullback a few months ago since then the market is getting closer to all time highs again. No one can time it perfectly but I would imagine a lot of big names are heavily invested in cash atm.

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Cash now, interest later.

Some of the online savings accounts are offering near 3% interest on a one year CD. With the markets at this level which is a safer bet? Maybe the market has another 3-5k points to go up but maybe not. Starting to get risky imho.

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It’s gonna be a roar this next decade. :wink:

I personally would like to see another pullback it’s hard to imagine the market is worth the price it as it today, although there are certain stocks that are sure to be value stocks in there. Getting harder to find. Even the energy sector has moved up quiet a bit recently.