Inspiring Christian Songs!

This thread is about Inspiring Christian Songs, feel free to post your own, and include some of the history of it:

Joseph Smith song.

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Here I am lord, is a Catholic staple we sung it every mass.


You Raise Me Up

Groban has such a good voice.

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If this doesn’t melt your face off I don’t know what will


Yeah, I also love Remember When it Rained

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He has a show on Netflix he isn’t that bad of an actor.

AI have so many favorites. Some already posted.

Many of them are performed by Celtic Women and I love them.

These are my favorite Celtic Women versions.

I see you a Pavarotti and raise you a Sting:

My favirite Celtic Women song

Eastern Orthodox chant in English. Very somber and haunting:

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I think this one is unique & really cool:

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This is very strict. Very strict. A Wake up song.

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These guys from Africa are great! Have you noticed I like Acapella?

I have no idea how to do a link in this infernal interface, but if inspiring is the metric, I would suggest “He’s Alive!” by Don Francisco.

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My favorite orchestral piece.

Turn up the volume. This is a journey. Listening to this sitting in meditation and prayer in the dark, uninterrupted, is a sure way to have a religious experience. It might be disconcerting to some. A chorus recites the Mahayana Surangama Sutra and passages from a Tien-tai Buddhist liturgy.

The Nirvana Symphony written by the late composer Toshiro Mayuzumi,

Here is my inspirational in the sense that it made me pick up and learn to play the guitar…

Whitecross Nagasaki

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