Initiative looking for the resignation of Maxine Waters introduced in Congress

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-AZ., introduced a measure calling on the congresswoman to apologize to the White House for “endangering their lives and sowing seeds of discord,” resign from her position, and release a public statement saying harassment or violence isn’t a form of protest.

That’s pretty funny. I lol’ed

If she resigns as a result of GOP pressure, she will become a political martyr.

If there is to be a forced resignation, it must come from within the Democrat Party.

And that won’t happen.

I would go along with censuring, but not forced resignation.

Ha ha. Snowflakes outraged about a congresswoman, yet they do nothing about the man leading their party. Hypocrites.


Agreed. Same here. And I think that both sides of the aisle should stand up and demand censure too. Not that I expect the Democrats to do as much though.

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Of course they won’t. Look at this thread. Belittling the side that is asking to censure (not going to go with resigning) one of their own for calling people to outright harass and intimidate members of the opposing administration from participating in public. Harass them when they fuel up their cars, buy groceries, see a movie etc. and some are OK with that.

I wouldn’t approve of that behavior no matter who was calling for it.

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I can understand that she is just really pissed off and has had enough. But stooping down to his level did nothing but give him a talking (tweet) point. We on the left have to get our ■■■■ together and have something more to run on then we have had it with this doofus we have as president.

That’s a stupid motion. More kabuki.

She shouldn’t be censured either.

I like having her and Pelosi around. No matter how far the GOP digs themselves in a hole one of these two like clockwork will come out and say something so magnificent it lessens the damage.

Instead of going negative and trying to tear down this president and this country, routing in the streets burning and destroying things, try coming up with something positive and build something the people can get behind and support. Like it or not, believe it or not, President Trump got elected because he promised to build a better America. Something the voter could support.

I’m not worried about telling you libs how to win, because there’s no way your side will do it.

Exactly. I want her front and center representing democrats.

If sowing discord has Biggs in a lather he may want to investigate the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Trump got elected because a whole bunch of people bough into his con. He said whatever the crowd wanted. He made promises he will not be able to deliver on. And the promises he has kept has racked up major increases in our national debt. As I said our side needs to get out a better message. But don’t tell me that I should not go negative on this president. The man is a menace to our country and I’m not playing along with his con game.

to be labeled a deplorable by comrade waters is the height of civility…

As I said and as you have just confirmed, there is no danger of your side promoting something positive that the American people can support and work for. Thank you for proving my point.

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Film at eleven.

I didn’t confirm anything. You misread my post. And we shall wait until November to see who is right.

Yes we will. Month prediction is that unless the democrats come up with something positive that people can support, they will fail miserably. Autistic screeching that ‘trump is evil’ won’t be enough.

I agree with this as well, save one caveat. Why bring up Autism and use it as a pejorative?