Indoor rallies resume for Trump-what is the catalyst?

Last night the country could witness President Trump in Nevada with a 2nd rally in as many nights.

A private citizen - large business owner allowed use of his manufacturing facility to host this latest Presidential campaign event.

CNN and other media outlets did not send reporters there saying they feared for their employee’s safety.

With the summer coming to an official end next week, autumn and cooler weather will make “outdoor” rallies only increasing difficult to plan in many States across the Union.

Trump is clearly making a calculated strategic decision here.

My take is Trump is entrusting people with the decision to manage attending (or not) a campaign event themselves. We see around the nation how “certain” governors and mayors mandate how you are to run your life during a pandemic. Often even with an outbreak is not evident in your specific location.

Significant vetting measures no matter what the risk you are taking to venture out can only do so much. No matter how much precautionary steps are done, there will always be risk involved. After all, traveling most anywhere carry risks. For example, people who travel to and from work utilizing public transportation, working their jobs inside in fairly close quarters to one another, assemblies at church, many places of leisure, etc. are far from exempt of catching this dreadful disease.

CNN today already pointed their biggest beef last night was with no social distancing being adhered too. That being said, let’s face reality here, no matter what Trump does the bulk of the press will still seek to destroy him.

For example, even two Nobel Peace Prizes nominations will not get acknowledged in the least by the vast majority of the tv networks…

Since a heck of a lot is riding on the results of the General Election in November, people do have the liberty to decide for themselves if the risks to venture outside their homes for whatever they fancy including a peaceful protest, Trump rally, etc.

Each understands they also must put a lot of extra effort to attend such an event. And just like the Super Bowl, people must arrive many,many hours early to clear security too.

Please lmk if you agree or not with my answer. Again, the question here to respond to is:

What is the catalyst for Trump resuming campaign rallies inside?

Trump is losing in the polls. He has polled horrifically on his handling of COVID. He wants to pretend that everything is getting back to normal in hopes of being re-elected. He has downplayed the virus from the beginning. And he is now willing to risk the lives of ALL Americans in order to retain power. He knows the deadlines of this virus. He knows it is transmitted via air. He knows people travel from all over the nation to attend these rallies. He knows these people will then venture back to their hometowns and spread the virus.

His calculation is that it doesn’t matter how many people die as a result of his actions, if it means winning. His supporters seem to be fine with this calculus.


If Trump would quit calling them rallies and call them anti-Biden protests he could avoid all the criticism. Rallies can spread Covid, where as protests can not. That being said, the catalyst is his understanding that showing up in person and talking to people is a lot more effective in demonstrating your concern for their welfare, than cowering in a basement and talking through a mask via social media. Even sleepy Joe’s puppeteers are finally coming to understand this by finally allowing Joe out of his bunker to read his teleprompter.


His mom finally unlocked the basement door?

Not likely something Trump seems overly concerned about. And remember these same voters who saw these so called polls last cycle also witnessed how Trump won the electorate college fairly convincingly in 2016.

The catalyst is that Trump loves rallies. He’s taken a beating lately in the news and he needs a little pick me up. He doesn’t really care about his supporters lives or their loved ones.

You really cannot have it both ways. Either he takes the virus seriously or he doesn’t care and he hosts events like this that will spread the disease.



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Trump won by 70,000 votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania combined. That’s not a huge margin.

Fairly convincingly? :thinking:

I do not intend to attend one of these rallies. I suggest that people with concerns also not attend.


Okay, I couldn’t have said it any better so I’ll just DITTO your response and add that temperatures were taken for each person who entered the facility along with handing out masks, some people wore them, some didn’t. :woman_shrugging:t2:

You asked why these rallies were happening. I gave you my opinion on them.

As to Trump winning the EC convincingly, that is not really accurate. He won the EC based on taking WI, PA, and MI by less than 78,000 total votes combined in these three states. Also, his EC victory ranks 46th out of 58 Presidential Elections in this nation’s history.

He absolutely cares about the polls, and the reality is what it is right now. This is not 2016. Biden is not Clinton. Trump is not an unknown from a governing stand-point. He has a record to defend. Not least of which his presiding over one of the largest death tolls in our country’s history AND one of the worst economic records since we began recording economic data.

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If you missed it, in Nevada this past weekend, Trump specially mentioned on Saturday how the governor there tried to stop that “rally” altogether, originally scheduled at the Reno airport. However, the POTUS made it clear to his attendee’s calling it a “peaceful” protest made a path to conducting them two this weekend totally legal.

You do understand that there is a pandemic going on that will have killed 200,000 Americans by the end of this week, right? That it is spread by droplets and close contact. You know this, right?

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President Trump won the electoral vote 304 to Hillary’s 227, which is a pretty good margin.

The margin ranks 46th out of 58 Presidential elections held in our country. It is really one of the smallest victories we have seen.

Pesky facts

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Weren’t you outraged at Pelosi for defying state COVID related mandates? Why are you just as outraged at Trump for holding a rally with no mask requirement, no social distancing and a large gathering? All of which Nevadians have had to deal with for 6 months?

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Yes, having your opinion on the catalyst being the polls was perfectly fine. However, to carry on and try to assert Trump does not care for human life seemed totally uncalled for.

It is the truth. The leaked calls are proof of his callousness

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