India stops Chinese Border incursion

China is constantly probing it’s borders for weakness from it’s neighbors, so it can expand it’s borders. This article is about how India thwarted their efforts this weekend.

"India and China relations have entered a critical new phase following fresh conflict along their disputed Himalayan border, after multiple rounds of high-level military talks failed to end the months-long standoff.

The defense ministry in New Delhi said on Monday its soldiers were able to stop a push by Chinese troops to claim more ground late Saturday in violation of existing agreements."

I’ve also heard news reports of coming food shortages in China, and that these border incursions by the leftist leadership of China are a way of deflecting the problems with their economy.

Gosh, The Chineses communist party is using military aggression and putting people in concentration camps and gulags. Sad, we’ve supported them for decades now!

I hope we learned from the 20th century, but I’m not so sure.

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Many countries are having territorial issues with China, and they’re pushing back. They don’t like the bully on their block.

Good for India.

Let’s hope the anti-China sentiment (CCP) continues.

Not a chance in hell of that if Biden is elected though.

Yes, and there is a reason they are pushing back now, and not during Obama. They know Trump has there back…

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Here’s an update on the tensions. India outsmarts China and take High ground…

“Indian Army thwarted Chinese infiltration and secured peak from 500 PLA troops who were part of the mission | NewsX” outsmarts China| Watch how India thwarted China’s bid to capture Black top at Chulsul | NewsX - YouTube

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Just low level probing, tiddly winks.

The real stuff comes later and not along the Indian border.

Another story I read is about how India is sending their navy to the straits of Malacca.

“If anyone was wondering why the Indian Navy has deployed almost its entire fleet of ships and submarines into the Indian Ocean region, one only has to look at the ongoing border stand-off with China in Ladakh.”

“Furthermore, the move suggests that India is tightening its grip on the Malacca Strait, a development that will surely set off alarm bells in Beijing.”

Remember Trump visiting India? Now we know what they talked about…

India sending in the gurkhas, who hate China’s occupation of their homeland Tibet.

"Government sources in New Delhi said Indian forces had noticed Chinese military reinforcements along the LAC, near the southern bank of Pangong Lake. Calling this “suspicious”, one source said that India did not want to take chances any more. “So, our troops moved in rapidly in order to occupy heights and features which would make it easier for us to defend our territory. This is a purely defensive tactic,” the source said.

In its response, the Indian Army deployed the Special Frontier Force, a paramilitary unit comprising personnel from the Tibetan refugee committee, Gurkhas as well as native Indian soldiers. The unit was set up as a result of the bloody 1962 border war and Tibetans were employed mainly due to their knowledge of the terrain and for their experience at high altitude."

India knows Trump has their back. And that Obama didn’t…

It took Trump less than one term to change the future of the world from being lead by the CCP to being led by America…

It’s historic… Like the middle east peace plan…

Has their back how?

With the power of America. Why else would india, japan, veit nam, philippines, and many more all start pushing back at China expansionism? They Trust the Trump will help them openly and covertly…

This is not an answer.

How specifically will Trump have their back?

And there’s another reason they might be pushing back…because they know they CAN’T trust Trump to have their backs.

"But analysts of India-China relations say Prime Minister Narendra Modi risks stoking tensions with Beijing in siding too closely with Donald Trump at a time when the U.S. president is picking a fight with China.

“India has increasingly been seen as aligning with the U.S. and that can’t benefit India in the long term,” said Phunchok Stobdan, a former Indian diplomat and author of “The Great Game in the Buddhist Himalayas: India and China’s Quest for Strategic Dominance.”

You a STILL haven’t answered the question.

The same way we have other friendly countries backs. Obviously…

Right…if it came to a shooting war, we’d stick our necks in?

Or even an economic war?


It will be quite interesting when China comes raining down on Taiwan.

I would not bet on the United States intervening.

I bet the your favorite media sites never reported this so I can forgive your ignorance.

Trumps is aiding them too… I’m surprised Fox is not reporting on the great things Trumps is doing to box in China.