India and Vietnam Discussion alliance against China

Here’s a article discussing the fact that Viet Nam is upset with China’s expansionism is reaching out to India to form an alliance to Counter China’s aggression.

“China’s destabilising actions in the region figured at a meeting on Tuesday of the India-Vietnam joint commission on trade, economic, scientific and technological cooperation, during which the two countries agreed to work more closely together in the Indo-Pacific.”

On Friday, Vietnamese envoy Pham Sanh Chau met foreign secretary Harsh Shringla to brief him on the escalating tensions in the South China Sea after China ramped up its military presence in the region.

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Interesting alliance.

US could work some deals with them. So could a lot of nations that caught the muddy end of the CV19 stick.

The United States has been selling Coast Guard Cutters and other assorted weaponry and equipment to Vietnam for the last few years.

Interesting. I have feeling it just won’t be India and Vietnam…I’m sure other SE Asian states will want to join.

Yes, like…

“China’s increasingly strident territorial claims and economic coercion have forced startled governments such as those in India, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam to strengthen relations with friends that can help them respond effectively.”

More recently, Indian officials reportedly have renewed interest in Russia joining the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific framework to maintain a rules-based region.

The more alliances against China, the better.

Toss in Pakistan and the Dalai lama into the mix.