lays off 1,000 employees (8% of workforce) after laying off 2,000 last year

Yeah, well . . . ummm

Careers site Indeed to lay off 1,000 workers

  • The careers site Indeed will lay off about 1,000 employees, or 8% of its workforce.

  • In a memo, CEO Chris Hyams said the company is profitable, but not set up for sustainable growth.

  • He said the cuts are more targeted than last year’s across-the-board reduction of 2,200 workers.

“. . . Unlike last year’s across-the-board reduction of 2,200 workers, Hyams said the latest cuts will be more concentrated in the US and primarily affect the research-and-development and go-to-market teams. . . .”

Indeed to Lay Off 1,000 Workers, CEO Says

I’m going to take a guess here and say this is not about the company, this is about the overall jobs market.

The people laid off are going to need Indeed.

“Indeed they do!”


Strongest yob market ever! :rofl:


Could also be an impact by our favorite topic - AI.

i suspect a lot of what Indeed does can be automated.

My job is now all about enhancing our AI capabilities with a focus on predicting who will call and then contacting them proactively as well as AI automation/self service etc.

Its insane how accurate our algorithm is in predicting when a customer will call and what their question is.

Yup. Could be that a lot of the layoffs are in their software development departments. They have their systems running – likely incorporating AI into them – and now you don’t need to retain all those software engineers.

“software engineers.” Are those the guys who keep writing software updates until the software is so slow & complicated I can no longer do the things I used to do?

I hate those guys.

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Anyway, I don’t think it is AI related. Certainly not in a company-specific way.

The company relies on job openings. When job openings decline so do their revenues.