"in the belly of the earth three days and three nights." Jesus of Nazareth

Are you revising this post?

“within three days” is not in the New Covenant Scriptures. Not even in that false testimony.


Are you sure about that?

You are right. I made a mistake. As I cited the verse earlier, it says within three days. Actually the Greek expressing the Jews’ charge is dia triOn hEmerOn, over or during three days, as if he would be busy building for three days. He actually said " en trisin hEmerais" in/within three days" John 2:20-21

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re: "If you [Piper] were correct that Jesus was killed on Wednesday afternoon and rose on Saturday afternoon, and Jewish inclusive reckoning does not apply, please explain how you calculate that Jesus rose ‘after three days’.

Wednesday 1st day, Thursday 2nd day, Friday 3rd day, and Saturday the 4th day.