In search of the coming Ice age with Spock (Leonard Nimoy)..So young looking

So, perfect… From the 1970’s when global cooling was the big hysteria. They interview scientists , quote NASA, all the same stuff they do for global warming, but gosh the scientist were wrong! How can that be?

For some reason in the 1970’s they thought they had been cooling for over 30 years. Yet, that cooling period is now erased from current temp graphs?

Using “In Search of…” as proof?

Are you sure you want to go down that dumb path?

If it was on global warming you’d believe every word. Did you watch it?.. Which scientist is lying?

I love how it opens with the poor old lady freezing as she walks throguth a blizzard… Gosh, we have to prevent this… I’m scared…

I watched it when I was a kid.

You might as well argue that it proves that liberals are very concerned with aliens, Bigfoot and Amelia Earhart.

So, the science they show and the scientists they quote were all wrong. But Newsweek ran the same stuff, so did the NYT carry articles about cooling and possible ice age quoting NASA experts too.

Matches perfectly with all the Global cooling articles from the 60’s and 70’s this guy shows…

Journalism doing popular science pieces is sometimes really wrong.

I am sure that it has been shown that the scientific literature at the time was trending more towards warming instead of cooling… but I am sure if it would be shown to you again it would fall on deaf ears.

Our Lady of Coromoto preserve us from 70’s lib hysteria.

I remember this episode, it was right between the In Search of Bigfoot and the In Search of Loch Ness episodes.

If you look at the other vid, I posted at 6:07 they have a letter from Brown university to Nixon on the conclusion of the recent climate conference and the very real danger coming ice age. Just before that they show the cover of science news with the same headline…

So, not just Spock…and " evil uninformed Journalists" …

So, you think that this was the only show or people talking about a coming Ice age at that time?

Is it just possible that the two geologists from Brown who wrote the paper were wrong and the majority of scientists who were seeing a warming trend correct?

did I say that? let me check…

nope, didn’t say that.

The conference had 42 top climate investigators from the US and Europe at the time. It’s the main conclusion of the conference…Not the minority opinion…

If you are speaking of the conference that was referenced in the New Yor Times with the headlines " Scientists Agree the world is getting bolder" then one should read beyond the headline.

In that report there is a section on carbon dioxide acting as a greenhouse gas to warm the planet.


Thread killer!

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Nixon was president in 1970’s…

Mars has 95 % CO2 and is cold…

I loved that series as a kid, and youtube has made the entire series available.