In August, Trump mentions Hillary almost once a day on Twitter - the most since October 2016

That’s a big ole red flag to me. He has to play to his base more (who obviously hate Hillary) to divert from whatever he’s learning that’s bad. It’s probably also why he constantly tells us how great he is. Or maybe he’s still campaigning against Hillary.

What an ass hat president we have. At least I can still be proud of my America despite that nasty bastard fluke of a president.

It becomes more and more difficult to be proud of America when Trump’s approval ratings hover in the low 40s. If it dropped down to the idiot threshold of 28%, I’d be ok.

When Hillary stops sabotaging Trump’s Presidency, then maybe Donald Trump will stop addressing her. As long as she continues to travel around the country doing things, instead of staying inside her house knitting or whatever, then she will continue to be an Enemy of the American people.

Donald Trump treats everyone with respect; However, if you punch him, he’s going punch back.

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Has anyone bothered to tell Trump that the election is over and Hillary lost?

Just like there will always be poor, there will always be dumb. But I do understand your sentiment.

I consider that 40% approval rate and attribute it to 24% to 28% proud die hard Donny Deplorable Dummy’s base added to 12% to 16% of those polled who really have not been paying any attention to politics and are just fat dumb and happy.

So…did she win?

yeah, and it’s those 12-16% that are making it hard to stay proud. It’s amazing to me that anyone could not be paying attention to what’s happening now. It’s not like you can avoid it. Click on any article about the NFL and a bunch of brigading Trump supporters are boldly declaring that they haven’t watched the NFL since Colon Crappernack started molesting patriotism. You’d think this would spark even a passing curiosity with these last 12-16%. There’s not even some great drama around which we should have been rallying, like 9/11 or the great recession. 2016 was a stable year in America. Trump took over in just about the best circumstances you could ask for and decided it needed to be season 1 of America’s Got No Talent.

It’s actually a brilliant move. Republican Media people have conditioned Trump Republicans to get angry when they hear the name Hillary. It’s a Pavlov’s dog thing. I bet some Trump Republicans even mentally salivate.

Ah, they won’t change my pride for my county, she is better than Trump, and she will weather this aberration of a presidency and we as a people, at least most of us, will have learned an important lesson.

I really hope so. And for all of the doom and gloom I’m more optimistic than pessimistic that we will come out of this stronger. But let’s say Trump wins reelection in 2020…I’m not sure I could handle that.