In a lighter vein, the United States Navy brings back the fishes

On October 13th, SSN-804, a future Virginia-class submarine, was officially named the USS Barb. It is the first United States Navy submarine to be named after an aquatic animal since USS Seawolf (SSN-21).

However, it is actually named in honor of the first USS Barb (SS-220), a Gato-class submarine that compiled an incredible record of victories during World War II.

The second USS Barb (SSN-596) was a Permit-class attack submarine.

Kind of nice to see the Navy use a name such as this for a change, I like this name.

My dad served on USS Cubera (SS-347) named after the Cubera snapper

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That was a World War II vintage boat. It must have been quite interesting to serve on a boat of that vintage.

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Tried to follow in my father’s footsteps as a submariner, but shade blindness kept me out of the boats. Wound up going airdale and spent a lot of time in anti-submarine warfare squadrons. :wink:

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Evidently, they are going to continue naming boats in the Virginia-class (and possibly future submarines classes), after famous boats of the past. The next two have been named.

SSN-805 will be USS Tang
SSN-806 will be USS Wahoo

Both boats will be Virginia-class attack submarines.

Below are the respective boats they are named for:

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