Impeachment of President Trump was brought up today in congress

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The Democratic-led House of Representatives once again rejected articles of impeachment against President Trump on Wednesday.

The House voted to table Rep. Al Green’s article of impeachment 332 to 95,

Because the sponsor does this from time to time

Ah got it :slight_smile: figured it would be everywhere by now.

There is no political advantage in pushing for it at this time.

Is that cowardly? You can certainly make the argument. Is it strategic? Most definitely. And it gives the Trump supporters fits that Democrats refuse to pursue it.

Just shows that if and when they do get around to letting some go through, it will be more of a political attack rather than a true impeachment based on reasonable grounds.

Many D’s have said they have what they need for impeachment. If that’s the case, then not holding hearings NOW is plain chicken ■■■■ Dem’s who are afraid of what the outcome will be come election time.

Yes, compounded by whatever political advantage they can gain by continuing to let Donald be Donald without letting him claim martyrdom during impeachment hearings.

Republicans would do the exact same thing if the roles were reversed. Politics is what it is.

You obviously don’t appear to have any problems with the damage done to the USA’s reputation by D Trump’s behaviour.

LOL… What is a “true impeachment”? Impeachment IS political by design…

All impeachments are political. See the bill Clinton impeachment for an example.

Not a chance for removal yet that didn’t stop the r house.


The Dems are so confused that can’t even vote along party lines.

some house dems are for impeachemnt, some are not.

its pretty easy to figure out.


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AG Barr’s on going investigation are, Uranium One, Benghazigate, Fisagate, Spygate, Servergate.

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out why the Democrats want to impeach. :rofl:

Barr is DeeperState. All gates fake. No arrests. No satisfaction for Qphiles. Donnie is neutered.

If that’s true then Obama and Epstein are lovers.

You mean that guy Trump was caressing and fondling at that party while young girls drank and danced, in that recently released video.

What about rusty old gate?

Recently :rofl: more like thirty years ago and you’re ignoring the fact Trump bared him from his Hotel for life.

Fake news keeping information from you?

Ask the Democrats, they seemed to lack the morals and values to serve the American people with all these scandals.

I have seen more video. It’s being hidden for now. Google will release. Timing is all. Goober Coalescence.

Ya, Trump in a video with hot college girls is the 90’s is going to ruin to his presidency. The man is pretty much bulletproof at this point in terms of lewd behavior.