Impeachment in the Senate: Day 1

Today is the day for all you political nerds out there. Were I to completely detach from all emotion of the current proceedings and climate, today would still be an interesting day. Foremost at the front of it, is the fact that even now, today, nobody actually knows what’s going to happen.

McConnels rules are out and they’re, well, not unexpected, but we still don’t know if this is going to be dismissed, if we’re going to get witnesses (important or unimportant ones alike), what Roberts is going to do, or even if the freaking evidence will be allowed. It’s actually pretty nuts to be blundering straight into this without the vaguest sense of what will happen. Will we get another dramatic thumbs down moment? Will Trump have every Democrat arrested? Will we see if McConnels head can retract fully into its shell? Will C-SPAN even get to watch?

The one thing we do know is that unless something truly huge explodes over the next week or two, Trump will remain President. I don’t know what truly huge could be at this point, as we have him on tape actively asking foreign governments to investigate his rivals, but there it is.

So buckle up boys and girls. It’s gonna be a ride!


Hey everybody…don’t forget the loserfest? All the losers who have nothing better to do in their lives, will be there and watching.

Enyoy!!! :sunglasses:


And oddly we find you posting here.


In the search for truth, McConnell will allow … checks notes … I’m sorry, McConnell will only allow witnesses by a majority Senate vote. Makes sense.

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I’ve got a few more minutes before I have to run so…enjoy me while I last. :sunglasses:


And what were the rules in the house when democrats were in charge?

Don’t care. I’d prefer witnesses be heard in all situations.

Unless you were on trial and the prosecution wanted to spring last minute witnesses on you at trial, right?

I thought he was impeached already?

Is this a new one?

Most impeached president ever!!



In a Senate impeachment trials, I support witnesses being able to testify.

If Trump* is innocent, then whatever witness or evidence is brought forth should easily be disputed, right?

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Surely you jest or are you not familiar with the process?


I’m no legal expert but according to my fluency in old Perry Mason episodes, this happens all the time.

If you were innocent and the prosecution wanted to spring witnesses on you at trial you wouldn’t object? If you wouldn’t, I suggest you get a new legal adviser.

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I have been told that Trump is impeached FOREVER by speaker Pelosi.

So now we get to rub his orange nose in it.


If I was innocent and knew it, then the prosecutor could spring anything he wants related to the case. I wouldn’t object.

I mean, he is, just like Clinton and Johnson.

Spring witnesses?

You mean the House didn’t ask for Bolton, Mulvaney, Gulliani, and the high level OMB to testify and produce documents. You know, the ones that Trump blocked from appearing before the House.

BTW - my understanding is that if a witness is called they will be deposed behind closed doors (secret SCIF style) before testifying on the floor of the Senate so there won’t be any “springing” there either.


Happens in trials all the time because sometimes new evidence comes to light as the trial is going on.

There are rules for that so that defense may not be caught unprepared.