IMMIGRATION INSANITY: Gov. Newsom to Order California National Guard WITHDRAWAL from Border | Sean Hannity

California Governor Gavin Newsom is reportedly planning the abrupt withdrawal of his state’s National Guard troops from the US border this week; calling the President’s policy towards national security a “manufactured crisis.”

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It is only a “manufactured crisis” in California because the liberal Democrats there put out the welcome mats along the border years ago. For years California growers have depended of cheap labor from across the border. With the eco-radicals destroying the agricultural industry, while they don’t need as much cheap labor on farms, they still need it in newer industries and they need the votes. The best thing we can do for the rest of the country is to cut off California and make them succeed or fail on their own efforts.

Newsom is a complete idiot! He is just pandering to the many other dumb citizens that decided to stay behind in a failing state. Newsom live in a mansion outside of what is really going on in the city, what a pompous ass he is. This guy has never worked a real day in his life and grew up being mollycoddled all his life. Lets see what he does if and when one of his family is killed by one the illegal aliens that he spoons with. This guy is a scumbag!! Oh, the calguard is not a real a military outfit like the Marines that I served in.