Immigration bill thread

Here’s how Marco Rubio put it:

First, despite what the legacy media and White House stenographers may say, the bill is in no way “tough” on the border, nor would it curtail the mass migration crisis we face. In fact, it would do the opposite.

For example, the bill’s “border emergency” provision would make mass migration the status quo by allowing a weekly average of 5,000 migrants per day, or up to 8,500 in one day—not including Mexicans, unaccompanied minors, people who claim asylum at ports of entry, and people using the humanitarian parole program.

The number of migrants allowed into our country with these exemptions alone would be in the millions every year. Moreover, the “emergency” designation, which is waivable by the president who created this crisis, could only be used a certain number of days per year and expires altogether in a few short years.

Meanwhile, the bill does nothing about the millions of migrants allowed to enter our country since President Biden took office. Instead, the bill pledges to reward those migrants—mostly people seeking a better life, as opposed to those fleeing persecution—with work permits and release from detention.

I will ask this question over and over, if you really believe this is going to really address the problems at the border Biden purposely created @tnt then WHY the ridiculously high numbers before the phony shutdown order can be implemented???


Speaking of no shame, Biden is threatening to really stick it to US citizens if this worthless border bill doesn’t pass:

This guy is an utter piece of garbage and the worst president in my lifetime.


Garbage, indeed.

Which points us to the “Why do libs support this sicko” thread.

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Biden: Holding the safety and well being of the American people hostage until he gets his way.
Are we supposed to believe Putin is a greater threat to this country than Biden…the “caretaker” President?


Sounds like he’s blackmailing us…


Anyone who can’t see that simple reality is an idiot.

The Biggest Mistake in the History of American Elections…

Joseph Robinette Biden.

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fake stat

only when the border is closed, which it never will be

Here’s more on that pathetically weak border - illegal immigration facilitation - bill:

One of its other weaknesses is the provision that gives authority to shut down the border, which wouldn’t kick in until the seven-day average number of cumulative encounters with inadmissible migrants is between 4,000 and 5,000 per day. And it would be discretionary unless the seven-day average is above 5,000 per day.

In other words, the administration would have the discretion to catch and release up to 5,000 inadmissible migrants per day — almost 2 million per year.

*The Border Bill would facilitate asylum processing at the border and make it more difficult to get an asylum hearing before an immigration judge. However, migrants would still be screened for eligibility for withholding of removal or protection under the Convention Against Torture. *

In addition, Customs and Border Protection would be required to process a minimum of 1,400 inadmissible migrants per day at land ports of entry under expedited removal or non-custodial removal proceedings. This would be more than 511,000 undocumented immigrants a year.

At best, these measures would slow the rate at which the immigration court backlog grows.

More on this sham of a bill:

So … Since you didn’t accept our bogus immigration bull, we’re gonna start dumping more illegals on you!


Biden administration holding America hostage.


Meanwhile, Chinese nationals now comprise the 4th largest nationality trying to cross the southern border.


They are running out of money. What should they do?

I heard that on Fox this AM.

Why is this scary? Have we been victim of Chinese terrorism? Are there Chinese gangs?

I realize the chinese government sucks, but I don’t think they need to sneak spies across the border to work in kitchens to infiltrate our secrets…

So people have to fly all across the world to the US because there’s no where else to seek asylum?

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Write a better bill. The one they wrote was DOA. And only an idiot participant in the writing would not have known it would be DOA. They aren’t idiots. They knew what they were doing. They deliberately wrote a bill that would fail.


You’d have to be stupid not to know. I don’t believe you are stupid. Don’t try to prove otherwise.

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Lankford honestly doesn’t look all that bright.

Request a bill limited just to more funding for installations. It would pass in a minute.

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