Immigrants and crime: A foundational lie

The “immigrants cause crime”, whether they be legal or illegal, is a foundational lie and an appeal to the “you know who’s”.

All the data available show that legal and illegal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than American citizens. Immigrants don’t increase the crime rate. Waving around the Kate Steinle examples is solely to appeal to peoples basest instincts and whip up anti immigrant fervor.


So the girl was actually murdered by a citizen.

“Reported crimes”

They prey on other illegals who can’t report - one of the rationalizations for sanctuary cities, remember?


First crime: Illegally entering the country (law broken)
Second: if they have a job, violating law that they can’t without being here legally.
Third: Accessory to employer breaking law if hired knowingly without paperwork or paid under the table.
Third (a): Tax fraud if payed under the table and not reported.
Fourth. Fraud or identity theft. If they obtain the paperwork needed to be hired.

Goes to show that being here illegally they don’t give a ■■■■ about our laws.

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So, legal or illegal immigrants don’t increase the rate of violent crime. Lets go with violent crime since President Tannen makes it sound like swarthy hordes of Mexicans are coming to rape your white women, and that is for a distinct reason he’s doing that.

It has a massive appeal to certain types of people.

The rate of reported violent crime.

Democrats must be so proud of what they have done. Hacked to death with a machete on an American street ,but his “dreams” didnt matter. Another south american drug gang competing with MS-13 in our neighborhoods.

That’s different.

MS-13 is an American problem.

What you’re doing is exactly what the President is doing, Whipping up anti immigrant hysteria based on the “importing crime”.

If we wanted to lower crime, we would trade immigrants for American deplorables. The immigrants don’t add to the crime rate, the crime rate of immigrants is lower than it is for real 'Muricans.

The point is who is whipping up the anti immigrant hysteria, and who responds to it.

Fine. How about this: If you’re gonna use this incident to broad brush the whole, then next time somebody mows down a bunch of kids and people start discussing changing gun laws don’t come around with the whole “It’s not fair to punish all law abiding gun owners for the actions of one person!”.


That’s what you go by, measurables. Otherwise you’re left chasing ghosts like imaginary voter fraud.

Try going by reality.

Which is that immigrants don’t increase the crime rate. They just do it in more swarthy fashion while speaking a weird language.

Talking about immigrants and “importing crime” and all that are simply naked, racist appeals, and racists respond to it.

Reported crime. Reported crime. Reported crime.

All that voter fraud. It just goes unreported.

Sorry, gotta play with the cards that exist.

Are you going to tell me this was the only illegal vote out of 20 million aliens? lol

I don’t see where your OP or your subsequent posts support your thread title.

Putting things in quotes doesn’t cut it.


I didn’t say anything about voter fraud.

Just for some light reading.

That’s already liberals’ standard playbook. Have something actually relevant?

Great article. Changes nothing. The United States is not a battered women’s shelter for Guatemalan indians.

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