I'm actually starting to think having Trump at the helm may have been a mixed blessing

Imagine if Hillary had been in charge. Recommendations of social distancing, no hand shaking, no large gatherings, self quarantines, and non-essential workers staying home would have gone out.

The CEC on the other hand would have called this virus Hillary’s Hoax, or some such, would’ve kept driving home that this is no worse than a cold, that social distancing and staying at home was the way liberals were trying to take over, and that we should all now greet each other with a tongue kiss.


Uhhh. They already did this. Not sure if OP is sarcasm.


It would be a nightmare if Hillary was in charge right now. Instead of hundreds of thousands of Americans dying we’d probably have 100x that many deaths because of her leadership. Many people are saying that she’s responsible for the deaths we’re seeing today. If you thought her emails were a big deal then you this would be even worse. Thank God Trump was elected in 2016 by huge margins. America is going to be even greater than it was before because Trump is the president. As soon as this invisible enemy is defeated then the economy is going to be at heights nobody even thought possible before.

Oh, I know they did. I’m just saying they probably would’ve never reversed course.

Imagine if Hillary had been in charge?

It isn’t hard to doooo

Recommendations of social distancing…

…and no hand shaking too.

Imagine no large gatherings…and non-essentials staying hoooome

You hoooo oooo oooo you may saaaaay I’m a dreamer?

…but I’m not the only lib…

…ok, ok, ok…it’s after 5 on a Saturday nite? :sunglasses:

Such a weird thing to constantly harp on about. She isnt in charge and never will be. I am sure she would have made a pigs ear of it as well.

Instead we have the moron in chief. Thank god for the adults in the room like Pence.

She probably would have.

Was a systems failure.

I still sit here shocked that the “war gamers” never did a FMEA on testing because they considered the likelihood testing would be a problem too remote to worry about.

Maybe so but testing was the lynchpin of fighting this.

This is why it’s important to elect Republicans. When Democrats are in charge nobody can trust leadership. With Donald Trump you know what he’s saying is true because he has no reason to lie to us. The rest of the Republican party isn’t perfect, but they’re still the party of Trump.

Yeah, it sure has been fun watching Fauci and Birx constantly having to correct the “truths” that he tells.

Can you imagine if she ever accepted aid from Putin like Trump has?..The meltdown from the CEC would be epic.

Trump gets some minor stuff wrong. I didn’t hire him to be a scientist. Politicians are notorious for stretching the truth, so why is Donald Trump being held to a higher stander than all the other liars in government?

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Because in a state of national emergency the majority of us want the man at the top to have credibility. And for many of us, Trump lost all semblance of credibility a long time ago.


She would have told the virus to “cut it out” just like she did with Wall Street.

Yeah, minor stuff like that whole “hoax” thing.

(the most recent one, that is).

@PeterGriffin made this point earlier. No way does the CEC a two trillion dollar stimulus through without talking points.

Dude respectfully, it’s cali. You are not new :grin:




thanks for these wild imaginings

Check your temperature, I suspect you’re having a fever dream.