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I must be doing something wrong. I put someone on ignore for the 4 month period and it works for a couple of days and then I have to see their crap again.

I’ve had that problem a few times too. Refreshing the screen helps. Someone quoting the ignored in their reply lets you see it.

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There are loopholes to the ignore function because it’s a half-ass written extension that the developers never wanted in their forums in the first place.

Here’s an example of their general attitudes toward the subject of ignoring people. Stylish is third party software (also the one used in making the old Burgundy theme for the vBulletin board).

Hopefully the mods consult with you via PM because you know more about this bulletin board malarkey than the rest of us them included.

If someone you have on ignore posts while you are in the thread you will still see it till you refresh it.

Nah, there’s no need. When I’m not interested in talking to someone I just dismiss their notifications and move on. It’s super easy to ignore someone without using the function. I do think it was a very half-assed attempt at just shutting up the customer base though.

I agree about the ignore function I was making a wider comment about the functionality of this site. Our SixFoot is such a modest guy.

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I won’t likely be writing any CSS scripts to address the issue, but the developer is correct about Stylish being able to block out the entire < div> section of a blocked user from even showing the “hidden content” stuff.

Someone with zero knowledge in any of this could learn how in two weeks, but it would take the entire two weeks. Another benefit would be one would also end up learning how to color everything on this site to their personal liking, like we used to do on the old forums.

Not a programmer, but I wonder how hard it would be to install the ability to simply close or minimize a post you don’t want to see. Yes, it would get tedious to close multiple posts of a member you’d just as soon ignore altogether, but it would afford you the ability to be more selective in what you see.

There are also custom ad blocker lines that can be added into browser extensions for FireFox and Google that can block out post sections by username. I use uBlock Origin.

It would be quiet easy to do for the developers of the forum. It would be much more tedious and probably wouldn’t function as intended if it was a plugin script.

Someone could make one that blocks out a user name when a page is loaded, but without it being written into the forum code it would probably be buggy as hell and not be worth the effort.

I just use ignore in my head and poof…problem gone. Unless it’s persistent little pest that’s yelping/nipping at my ankles. Then there is a side of me that wants to kick it.


We don’t need an ignore function anyway. Just use personal responsibility to read what you want and leave the rest.

I see what you did there. lol

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It has nothing to do with personal responsibility. There are prolific trolls whose posts clog up the thread.

He’s really clever, not to mention, original.

Ignore is helpful for some of the gaslighting spammers who have no intention of actual discussion. Some of those dudes are half the posts in threads… and it cleans them up nicely!

That’s exactly what I use it for.

Before the function was added here, I wrote a little Chrome extension using javascript to hide posts from a couple of people, but the problem was it messed with the infinity scroll so I just said forget it.