If You Owned A News Corporation

How would you format the scheduling and shows? I know nothing about why stations format things the way they do. But we hear so much about how “bad” news is. How would you structure the 24/7 cycle?

Less of these damned round tables and talking heads.


I hate the interruption ■■■■ and how people are always talking loudly. I just want to relax and hear whats been going on. There’s no chill! I miss stewart and colbert, they really quit at the worst time

I would not employ pundits and simply format straight news. Similar to the old CNN Headline News format. Doubt it would be successful. It seems as though people want to have their biases confirmed rather than be informed.

I’d get rid of pundits and stop the revolving door between political operatives. The usual roundtable of opinions come from the most useless people.

The free cbs live stream is pretty straight forward news, a bit boring though

I like BBC News personally. I also like Tapper and King’s shows on CNN and Chris Cuomo is growing on me.

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I have a tough time anymore watching anything on the news. Even sports news are drama fests now.

I’ve been a fan of Jim Rome and Colin Cowherd for well over a decade now. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but I’d much rather listen to them than political talk radio.

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If i were a news owner Id hire a bunch of Tony Snow types and just let them report the days events.

I miss that guy.

Sounds like ya’ll need to subscribe to some newspapers

As crazy as it sounds I would like to see just one segment of honest unbiased news and then the opinion shows be more like Hannity and Colmes were it was closer to a 50/50 split. Then you could have one show with someone like a Tucker Carlson followed by someone like Maddow.

Of course the names could be any news commentator I just use these as examples as they are well known. One has to assume these companies know what they are doing and hire people who are making them money so there’s no guarantee a 50/50 news agency would work.

  1. Make sure we cover the facts.
  2. Not be in the business of infotainment
  3. Use principals of the fairness doctrine in giving both sides equal amount of coverage and opinions.
  4. Have the courage to hold folks accountable for falsehoods and question lies.
  5. Not be a mouth piece for any political party and/or ideology
  6. Cover communities fair and equally.

Well, since we’re talking pure fiction I’d have Les Nessman as chief correspondent.

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so in other words, you would drive it out of business within a month…

Return punditry and op-ed pieces back where they belong - the back end of a broadcast, and with clear understanding that it’s opinion, not journalism.

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Sadly this is very true. Infotainment and bias confirmation is what the consumer wants.

its all about ad revenue…

I’d format it to always hate the President no matter who is in office and the viewership would only change people instead of numbers every 4-8 years.

My answer too. If I owned it I’d format in the most profitable way possible. Plate spinning midgets reporting the weather sounds great.