If there is a line to

Buy a ticket to a concert. which people should skip the line?


The rich people who pay to skip the line.

The sound crew, artists and vendors.

The Mexicans and terrorists.

Your questions today have a certain dank quality to them.

Those who gotta pee or are so fat their feet swell

Chicks with their tops off…:grin::sunglasses:

I’d say the people who don’t want to go to the concert can safely skip standing in line.

Funny you mention this. We have an amusement park here where you can actually do just that.

Flash Pass at Six Flags? People who don’t have those, hate those. lol

You nailed it. I get the pleasure of working the exit off the Turnpike you take to get there. Until Jan. 13th that is. I bid the hell out of that bum interchange.

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You know who always complains about the Flash Pass? The people next in line to ride the front row. Never fails. :rofl:

is that a personal attack?