If there is a Devil, what's his favorite sin?

Depends on the relationship, and the love one has for the other.

But yes, you have a strong observation there.

So very true.

Actually, sin isn’t so much about rules, but rather about anything that separates the sinner from God.

When you limit it to rules, it can get quite pharisaic. It’s about the heart. You see Jesus make that point multiple times in the Gospels.

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Lead people away from Christ, the Holy Spirit and God.

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the end

They are certainly related. The overwhelming need to be right all of the time about everything at all costs is definitely selfish.

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Yes. And I feel that that is the gateway into “the ends justify the means” kind of thinking.

The only sin that will keep people from knowing God as Father is the sin of not trusting Jesus’ Christ. I think that is the sin the devil loves most to see in humans.

His favourite sin to practice personally, I would guess to be all forms of lying.


It’s all in the cards.