If Republicans don't want border enforcement then WHY did Texas do what they did?

Fell better now that you got that tantrum out?

Let’s quit with the parsing shall we. We all know he accomplished what he did through EO.

Quit pretending he did nothing in order to try to make this ■■■■ bill look like something other than the turd in the punchbowl that it is.

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You copied my response and added your comment. And then you said that it was not what you were addressing. So perhaps I am confused.

No, you’re being dishonest. Trump did a ■■■■ load, and you know it.

You used up my patience quota for you. Go troll someone else.


Did the truth hurt lib?



Some people will believe any idiotic thing they hear.

Or was that your version of a well thought out response??

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Your arguments require too many props.

House GOP
Heritage and other Analysts: “House GOP rejects border bill because of amnesty provisions, legalizing large numbers of illegals already here and massive bailout for sanctuary cities”

Mainstream media: “This is a wonderful bill it will close the border. House OP rejects it because they are beholden to Trump and don’t really want to close the border.”

Libs here: "lap lap, slurp slurp. I believe everything the MSM says without question. Never question anything., Just believe obey and follow."



oops I forgot one


Biden doesn’t enforce the law now. What makes anyone in their right mind think if this did pass he would ignore it as well? Yet, Ukraine would still get the funding. :roll_eyes:


This is the dumbest post in the history of this forum.

Is he doing it? Is the border secure? Did he finish that wall? Talk to me Brandonite… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Both sides of the aisle worked against Trump on this…including a border state Senator named John McCain. What Trump did do, was expose these RINOs and they are being booted. Say bye to Ken Buck. Where did Liz Cheney go? The swamp is actually being drained but the real problem are those at the top of our government agencies that have not been elected…like Wray.

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Meanwhile despite the farcical president in the White House Joe Biden doing everything in his power to screw Texas…the razor wire in the Eagle Pass area is working.

“The area where we have occupied this park in Eagle Pass, Texas, that we put up the razor wire, there used to be 3,000 or 4,000 people crossing that area a day.”

“For the past three days, we have averaged just three people crossing that area. The point is, if we put up resistance, we show that we can secure the border. Joe Biden should not be stopping that,” he continued.” Abbott claims Texas razor wire has led to ‘massive reduction’ in migrant flow | The Hill

Now…just imagine if construction on the wall had continued and instead of “leadership” committed to letting the world’s poverty in we had a government committed to protecting America’s borders. Just imagine if we weren’t having to swat down the annoying stupid lib lies and were instead spending that energy defending the border, if all that fentanyl hadn’t flowed into the country, if the cartels weren’t making billions, of little girls weren’t being committed to sex slavery for life to pay off their debts to the drug lords that brought them here.

On one small section of the border Texas has shown the pathetic Joe Biden how to defend America…with that POS in the White House kicking and squealing the whole way.

Why are Biden and company not taking the obvious solution right in front of them and running with it?


You didn’t need to explain it to him. He knew that already. But the dishonest narrative must still be propagated, and too many libs here don’t care about that dishonesty.


Down here we don’t dance to anybody else’s tune.


The assertion now is that Republicans want an open border because they don’t want to pass an utterly useless bill that will normalize over 5,000 illegal immigrants per day into the country. But look at Republican Texas:



Sounds like we need razor wire the length of the border!

Senator McCain was such a Turd that i refused to vote for him for Prez.

A better question is, if republicans like what is happening in TX why don’t they want it for the nation?