If Joe Biden Wins He wants Masks to Be Mandated/Mandatory

In NZ Covid cases are appearing even with full masks. NZ is faced to force upon another lockdown meanwhile in China, Wuhan, while parts of the city are still in a lockdown people are longer wearing any masks. Physical distancing is still being mandated.

But Joe and Harris want Mask wear to be completely Mandatory for 300+ Million Citizens. Whats worse is that Joe Biden has claimed that masks can save up to 40,000 lives without providing any actual evidence.

It seems Joe Biden and Harris are in favor of further lockdowns then reopening slowly as other countries are doing which is a shame.
# Biden urges mandatory face-mask order for next three months in effort to save 40,000 lives

While in China, Wuhan. This is has being only reported by France 24 for now.
# Music, dance and no masks: Good times return to former virus epicentre Wuhan

NZ has handle the virus better then anyone else.


This is bad, why?

What are the negatives for requiring mandatory mask wearing?

Outdoors at all times? Is stupid and pointless a negative?

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I would imagine it would be mandatory indoors and around crowds. Making it mandatory outdoors at all times wouldn’t make any sense.

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But that’s what they said.

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"Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months, at a minimum. Every governor should mandate mandatory mask-wearing," Biden said, suggesting that widespread mask use could save 40,000 lives over the next three months. “Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately, and we will save lives.”

Ok. I support common sense mandatory mask wearing. I don’t agree with mandatory enforcement outside when not around others but there isn’t anything negative about mandatory mask wearing.

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Not hard to do when:

You’re an island
Your population is almost 80% homogeneous
Your countries population is 1/4 the population of New York City

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clearly we have nothing to learn from them.

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the de-funded seat belt police can enforce the mask tyranny

NZ homegenous? Surely, sir, you jest?


Yes thats why the cases are spiking and another lockdown is about to happen just a great job really.

Liberal:But NZ has handled so much better then US!
NZ:Covid returns with a lockdown.

You fellow Liberals in here think America can survive another lockdown for three six months like China or NZ?
While the economy will be problary damaged? and a new green deal wont help it.

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how did the NZ economy handle the lockdown?

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Its not its comparable with U.S 70% White the rest non White.

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4 cases
I wish we spiked like that

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Good question the media has being rather quiet on how the economy in NZ has being handling the covid and another secondary lockdown.

Gov has no authority to enforce such a mandate.

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