If I'm accused of being a liar

I might question someone’s mental facilities.

And I’m not sorry.

Bully for you.

Yes, bully for me.

I replied to someone being a bully with an appropriate question and the question and the users’ confirmation were both deleted, but the disparaging posts were left behind.

I’m annoyed and I’m saying so.

Is that a concern for you?


I think you can be annoyed and say so without getting direct and personal. And I would think that would stand. A direct personal insult probably won’t.

Being called a liar is direct and personal. It stands as long as it’s properly couched.

I even posed it as a question and gave the poster the opportunity to say no.

You can flag it to a mod’s attention and it might then get removed. I’ve done that on a couple of things directed at me and they have been.

Hey…it’s 5:00, Saturday night…I know you’re not a liar…and I’m buying. What’ll ya have?

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Thanks mad. I’m familiar with the process.

Smyrna, I’m glad you made it over.

I’m still not a fan of this new software, but familiar ‘faces’ make it bearable. :slight_smile:

Thank you GFI. I was banned but Mr. Hughes gave me an invitation and…here I am.:sunglasses:


You know. We are missing “The Bar Is Open” thread here.

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I’m having a hard time imagining you typing anything bannable. I really am.

I’m going to shut up now but thank you. :sunglasses:

It’s open for business


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Flag them.
Many times we see the report and it only shows the post being quoted, sometimes not. When we hit the delete button it asks if we won’t to delete qotes of it.

If our spidey senses start tingling, we can do a few clicks and get to the thread then have to keep hitting the up arrow in the quote to follow it back to see where it starts.

I’ll vouch for you Girl. :wink:

Good for you!


If I call someone a liar it is because that is what I know them to be.

My mental faculties are just fine.

But I have no issue with anyone questioning them if they wish.

I am not sorry either.