If "gender" is a social construct, then why use the term transgender?

Answer my question first. Then I will answer yours.

Gender is a social construct in my opinion.
biological sex is not really relevant.

Excellent idea.

They call it a gender reveal party because people often get the wrong idea if you call it a sex reveal party. :wink:

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That doesn’t answer my question…

So why is it called a gender reveal not a sex reveal party?

Clearly the word as different MEANINGS. Who is entitled to narrow a word’s semantic range for everyone?

How about we just ditch the semantic debate about what gender means, and use words other than gender to explain our views ?

Yes there is. Chromosomes.

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Let’s assume that there is are social constructs that define what is appropriate behaviour for males and appropriate behaviors for females. Let’s assume that because they are merely social constructs, I as a male by sex, can replace any number of so-called male-appropriate behaviours by different sets of behaviours, including those other traditions socially assign to the opposite sex.

Why would I have any need to artificially change my chemistry or the physical evidences of my biological sex to live according to the social construct I have created to suit my feelings?

You don’t need to any of that to be female or male, which is why I don’t support children using them.
but some people do it to help them deal with gender dysphoria

Can you 0leaee define what you mean by gender dysphoria without using the contentious variously-defined word “gender”.

Why do they need to do it to help deal with their desired social construct being different from the local traditional social construct ? Why not simply assure them that their preferred personal social construct is just as valid as any other.

that is a personal matter, children are not old enough to make such choices.

Human culture and behavior is not biology.

Sex and gender have never meant the same thing.

You are confusing common usage with meaning.

How does it sound to “reveal the baby’s sex”?

And there’s the problem


It sounds like you are releasing information as to whether the baby is a boy or a girl, male or female. The same as " to reveal the baby’s gender."

Common usage expresses common meaning.

Progressives want to weaponise language and to commandeer it to be capable of expressing only progressive ideology. They are dishonestly arguing that a modern progressive use of a word eclipses that word’s historic meaning. No. The word has a range of meanings, of which the progressive sense is but one. Until the mid-nineteenth century gender was linguistically a grammatical category and a biologically either physically male or female. The word has been recently commandeered by progressives for political leverage.

Come on man.

So the notions of male and female are artificial constructs, and hence have no definitive meaning yet someone can psychologically will themselves to be these artificial constructs? :crazy_face:

The fact that gender is a social construct does not mean that it has no “meaning.”

It clearly has a lot of meaning, to a lot of people.

Um…no they won’t.

You don’t hang around kids much, do you?

You do it every day.