Idea for men facing discrimination and harassment

Here is an idea for men facing harassment or discrimination for being part of the evil patriarchy: Say you identify as a female/gender-fluid person who is also a lesbian cross-dresser. Your preferred pronoun is your first name.

You can continue to dress and act like a man in every respect, but if anyone criticizes or harasses you, you can label them as homophobic and transphobic bigots.

As an added bonus you can get lower car and life insurance rates in many states.

When will us white males finally catch a break in this country?

How’s that working out for you?

Males, especially straight White males, have gotten a lot of bad press lately, and they can face a lot of hate on many college campuses:

Identifying as a trans-female, lesbian cross-dresser greatly improves how you will be perceived in left-wing bubbles. Seems like a simple solution to me.

That pic of a white male is awesome, congrats.

One of the questions in that blogwriter’s survey:
10. If you had to kill one of the above groups, which one would you kill?

I’m sure his students had a lot of fun with his dumb survey.

I can safely say I have benefited from white privilege