ICE DIRECTOR: ‘No President Has Done More’ to Protect the US Border | Sean Hannity

The former head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency praised President Trump’s fierce crackdown on illegal immigration Wednesday, saying no president “has done more” to help secure America’s borders.

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Another Trumpian using alternative facts.

The numbers of CBP agents on the job patrolling our borders and working our interior checkpoints was higher under President Obama, which those numbers have fallen.

President G.W. Bush more than doubled the number of CBP agents during his term of office, from about 9,800 in 2002 to about 20,000 when he left office.

He also oversaw the Bill authorizing and enacting the construction of hundreds of miles of physical barriers along our southern border.

President Bush and President Obama sent the Guard to the border to augment the CBP.

President Obama continued with the construction and replacement of physical barriers at the southern border; fences, locked vehicle gates, etc…

There was nearly 700 miles completed under Bush and Obama.

Both Bush and Obama strove to hire more immigration legal staff to help reduce the backlogs of cases.

Trump has lost CBP agents since he was sworn in.

He, to my knowledge, has yet to actually have even 1 mile erected of his proposed “big beautiful wall” that “Mexico will pay for”.

True, he is pushing enforcement, gut the numbers really don’t add up to anyone honestly being able to claim “he has done more”.

Unfortunately he has taken simple enforcement, which I fully supported, and turned it into a vindictive type mean spirited pogrom against illegal immigrant families. He has created chaos.

He has forced more cases into adjudication while recently ranting against hiring more immigration judges and legal staffing to handle the increased workload.

This dude talking up Trump just resigned his position on the 30th of June.

He is only 57.

If Trump is doing such a bang up job why duck out so freaking soon?

Why not stay the course?

Will be interesting to see what cushy but highly compensated position this Tom Homan slides into?

From the article linked in the OP -

"Homan has worked at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency under six different administrations."

ICE was formed in 2003

Now Now

We can’t have you getting all facty checky with these people.

I am certain they meant he has skated on the public dime at ICE nee US Customs Enforcement under six different administrations.

Wow. Under 6 administrations and he finally finds a president he thinks is doing a smoking job on border security so he up and quits one year into his tenure at the top???

Something just doesn’t add up here. :thinking:

Ah. Human was only an “interim” ICE Director appointment by Trump in January of 2017 with Trump only formally submitting his name for the job permanently in November of 2017.

Speculation is he was not nominated formally sooner because he would likely not be confirmed. Thing is that was before he oversaw the child removal from parent chaos we have seen since April.

No wonder he is retiring. He did Dear Leader’s dirtiest border work so now he can go get a 6 figure income in the private sector.

Or…Maybe Homan quit ICE to take a position in the Trump Circus proper?