ICE detainers in trouble again

Federal judge is about to impose an injunction against ICE detainers in all but nine states…



Add this …

Easier for MS13 members to get here and stay here. More murders, rapes, and various other crimes against American citizens.

A real cause to “celebrate”. :roll_eyes:


Without having to read 37 pages of legalese, can you give me a synopsis of what this means? I haven’t heard anything on this.

However imprisoning native born citizens is not the way to do it.

You do know that Gonzalez is a native born citizen.


So the lives of American citizens are what? Collateral damage?

One mixup absolutely doesn’t justify more Americans being raped and killed.

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It means, unless a state has passed a law requiring cities and counties to honor detainers, ICE will be prohibited from using detainers to hold people and will have get a judicial warrant.

If ICE is that sure that an MS13 member has been detained by local authorities, you should be ticked at them for being to lazy to get a warrant.

Interesting. I hadn’t heard about that.

Unless you are the person.

You would take one for the team to an unconstitutional inprisonment.

BTW it wasn’t a mix up, just a bad unconstutional policy by ICE which threw an native born American citizen into jail.

Why not do things on the up and up and avoid this error.


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He’ll settle his civil suit for millions and be made well better than whole.

It never should have happened but where humans are involved there will always be mistakes.

This ruling is ridiculous.

The ICE database is highly inaccurate. Spend some money and improve the database.

It’s 2019. We should not be illegally imprisoning Citizens due to an inaccurate database.

ICE spend some money and get it right.


Well now that the massive rush at the border is subsiding since Trump got MX and Honduras to start enforcing their own borders they should have a lot of resources freed up and be able to do a better job.