I wonder what Trump thinks about Wikileaks now?

WikiLeaks on Thursday published a database identifying more than 9,000 supposed current and former U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, saying it is important for “increasing accountability.”

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Cool! Not a secret.

It originally came from the hyper violent, mommies basement dwelling, afraid to show my face, never had a job, dirty diaper millennial group known as Antifa.

Dems want open borders

I bet you didn’t care where the stuff Wikileaks was publishing in 2016 came from.

Incredibly boring response on your part. You have no way to know so who really cares about your speculation?:disappointed:

Well, did you?

Okay if you must. I like when an organization releases info that is damaging to my opposition. I don’t like it when an organization releases info that is damaging to my allies.Neither does anyone else in this forum. Including you. But they definitely should not release info that could endanger the lives of honest citizens which they may have done.

You got the answer. And I am officially bored with it now and am returning to the topic.

Eh, no. If the old forums were still available, you would never see a single instance of me liking anything Wikileaks puts out. I think it’s all bad.

Fair enough. I will take you at your word.

I love it.

You were ecstatic. Most of us were there dude.

I don’t love Wikileaks as a group but there’s nothing wrong with big business and the government being scared that anything shady they do behind closed doors may see the light of day eventually.

So someone wrote a script that scrapped public personal info from LinkedIn?

This is why you don’t put your personal info online.

It’s funny, twenty years ago cops wouldn’t put their names in the phone book so people couldn’t find them and now they get fired for questionable pics on IG.

It’s a whole new world.

Relying on Wikileaks for anything is stupid they do not have the interests of America at heart. Their goal is to deepen our divisions until we burn ourselves out from the inside…sadly they have been very effective.


1984 came a few years late.

The basic premise of Wikileaks is something that I support, in theory.

In practice, it’s a hostile foreign intelligence service.

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I :heart: wikileaks