I Was With You...Yes I Was

I was with you when schools and water fountain in government buildings were segregated.

I was with you when a husband couldn’t rape his wife.

I was with you when states violated the 14th with homosexual union recognition bans.

I was with you on George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the other cases of agents of states getting away with murder.

I was even with you with the kneeling, protesting at the police stations.

I’m not with you anymore. In fact I’m over you. You’ve gone too far. Your repressive tolerance for revenge is disgusting. It’s cringe.

Your once noble causes have become nothing more than money-making machines. They are corrupt.

The concept that you have a right to impose your values on me is hubris beyond the pale. You are not better.

You stared into the abyss too long. You have become the tyrannical fascists you once railed against.



When middle aged and senior citizen libs get huffy, children have nothing on their tantrums. :wink:


i still maintain the left has run out of things to “left” about so now they have to create aggrieved groups to be relevant, and are desperate to cling to their power hence their revenge agenda

they have become literal children


I have no idea what we are supposed to be outraged about today


You are not a liberal.



But how is your (c) life actually affected or any different because of this tyrannical fascism?

What are the practical impositions actually experienced, as opposed to read about on the internet?

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This poem is called

“I was never with you”


You know better.

Nah, true colors showing. They’ve always been ones to push their agenda under the guise of incrementalism. Telling others what they must do is just another step in the direction they’ve been taking all along. Trial balloons to policy. This is the way.


sure you do, if youre on the left

two genders
sanctity of innocent human life
law and order
equal opportunities
white males
and such and such

the same things youre outraged about everyday

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There’s more Than i have time to list.

Inflation is REALLY costing me/us, indoctrination of our children, sexualization of our children, lockdowns, destroying our businesses, wrecking the economy, trying to remove many of our rights. - there’s many more…


That is the absurd trans banner.

Rachel Levine as a public health anything is wrong times 1000.


You, apparently.

Certainly not me.

“absurd” is key. definitely

Lmao very few things outrage me. And certainly not an anonymous message board.

Some people take this place way too seriously.


well that makes “one” of you

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I was never with you…politically.

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I…I took the one less traveled by.”