I was for Joe Biden until I was against him


But not in the open.


Your vote for a man who brags about grabbing ■■■■■■ in 2016 and who denied losing an election in 2020 proves you don’t think.

And you think Biden is a Saint?

Didn’t he say he was going to serve one term?


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Sometimes you’ve gotta check.

Like Crocodile Dundee.

(Truer now than ever)

Ask tara reade about ■■■■■ grabbing btw.


Sometimes you can just tell who’s never grabbed a ■■■■■ in their entire lives. :rofl:


Not having a plan B ready to go is a complete dereliction of duty given the president’s age and condition. Democratic Party voters should be irate and they deserve to lose the presidential election.

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not good enough to run- but good enough to remain as president now?

then why is there so much certainty to do just that?

81 million…just the number alone…STRONGLY SUGGESTS an impropriety in the 2020 election because I refuse to believe there are that many STUPID Americans amongst us but…I will admit, you’re not helping make that case. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

cons dont go to the doctors.

they are tough people.



The dims oughtta go to plan Z…25th Amendment biden and harris and have their fbi friends arrest several republican reps and vote jeffries in as the new speaker before promoting him up to POTUS.

You know they’re thinking about it.

Can’t. She defected to Russia and thanked a convicted Russian spy for helping her


Amazon best sellers.

Please get on them.

Can a man who grabs effectively run a country?

Can Brandon?

Convicted for what again?

She pled guilty to be an illegal foreign agent.she was charged with being a spy.

Doesn’t take away from Tara Reade defecting and thanking her public ally for it and then asking Putin for Russian citizenship

Makes it hard to ask her anything without laughing.

No, I don’t think someone who thinks they have the right to sexually assault US citizens has the right view of civil liberties to run a democracy.

What this country can’t handle is a part time POTUS/full time imbecile like we have with Biden.

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And yet Bill Clinton was elected twice…