I Volunteered Today

:grinning: It’s an experience I’m sure to enjoy—at an animal shelter.

Am working a few hours a week with the cats, but see dogs when I come in, have a few animal friends. And fill a void getting to spend time with animals.

They’re a no euthanasia , except when an animal is too sick or temperamental to be placed, and see a lot of animals adopted or at least fostered.

It’s in a beautiful rural area, too. Can’t wait for Wednesday. My second training day.


My wife volunteered at a shelter for a couple of months while she was between jobs. It was a great experience.


We take foster litters from time to time up in Pennsylvania. Basically just keep the mother and the litter at our house until they are about 10 to 12 weeks of age. Then they all go back to the shelter together for spay/neutering and adoption.

But it is very nice that you are doing that.


My employer pays employees for up to 8 hours per year volunteer work.

That might not sound a lot but with over 40,000 employees thats potentially over 320,000 hours of volunteer time they are funding.

All of our senior leadership lead by example and get involved in their communities.

As I have got older I have come to realize the importance of volunteering in your communities.


I was hoping this would be a happy thread. However am really feeling jerked around and like I’m someplace where I’m really not wanted or needed.

Even volunteering once a week in an animal shelter is too ■■■■■■■ much to ask here. Came this morning & completed the training.

Come to find out on my way out the Volunteer Coordinator had emailed me yesterday morning I wouldn’t have to train today. I’m pretty bad about checking emails, and apparently that’s her preferred method of communication,

She doesn’t even understand my written communication. In one, I stated I’d get back to her on a day when my teenager let me know when she’d most likely need transportation as she isn’t old enough to learn to drive.

She emailed back with “Is this for someone other than gourself?” WHAT?! I have another human being with transportation needs & can’t be on a highway & in a town distant from us at the same time.

Oh, I see. :exploding_head:. It shouldn’t have been that hard to understand in the first place!

So, Monday is my best day & that’s no longer available & neither is anything else. When I asked why Monday wasn’t available she said she “explained this morning”.

I checked by sender & date & time, & that email can’t be found, but whatever. If I’m that difficult to deal with, forget it.

It’s been too soon since Anabel passed & I owe money, so don’t want to adopt until those devts are cleared. But most likely won’t consider them—even though the animals available are wonderful—to adopt.

Time to call Pet Smart & see if they’re doing any part time hiring. Sorry for the long winded rant.

It’s ok. I understand where you’re coming from.

If the shelter doesn’t feel like a comfortable place, you don’t need to be there.

You could ask at pet stores that have adoption services/pets on the premises if they need volunteers - a lot do - and try there.

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Just got a hold of one of the pet franchises closer to home and they’re holding a hiring event Monday. Will be there with bells on & a resume for part time positions, and will ask the shelter that hosts their adoption events can they use volunteers.

Also called my vet to see could they use dog walkers or kennel help. Perhaps the office manager will get back in touch.

There’s got to be something out there part time involving animals.


Unfortunately, you find pricks like that all too often in the world of volunteering. Not much you can do but move on and look elsewhere. I have been lucky enough that the animal shelter that I foster for is staffed by nice people.

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My daughter and I tried volunteering together at a nearby small town cat rescue. It’s a long story, but trying to volunteer as a pair was so damn difficult for them to figure out, that we ended up giving up. It turned out the place was run by a small cabal of cat ladies with control issues.

Sometimes these things don’t work out. Just move on to something better.


“Unfortunately, you find pricks like that all too often in the world of volunteering.”

Now that you’ve mentioned that, I remember a dentist I knew in a social group years ago volunteered his services to women and children whose home situation was unsafe enough to qualify them for shelter.

He was offering a portion of his time to do cleanings and some dental work for abused women and children to be told no, they weren’t interested. They preferred cash contributions.

■■■■ ‘em!

Yeah there are jerks in all walks of life, even areas you would hope have the best of us. Find a place with people you like first and foremost.

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Animals are very simple to please, and they give so much back.

As long as you’re not someone like Michael Vick who supports dog fights.
They simply ask not to be abused.

For Food, Water, Shelter, and attention occasionally.
In return they give so much companionship, and unconditional love.

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